Official servers gonna die soon?

Point 1 - You have my sympathy, living in a rural wasteland. I know you were forced to live there.

Point 2 - With Direct connect, they do not need a VPN. Also, I used to not be able to log into any EU servers before they raised the ping cap.

Point 3 - Belarus, China, Iraq, North Korea, Oman, Russia, and the U.A.E, all have strict laws against their citizens using a VPN and they risk prison time if caught, so I doubt if everyone is just VPNing in.

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They might shut down official servers, I would assume given enough time it’s inevitable. That being said there seem to be a good number of people still playing on official servers, who would take the chance on toxic players and no moderation rather than risk the server disappearing or having unfair administration

The nice thing is unlike dozens of games I own whose servers have shut down there are alternatives to keep playing even if it happens.

If it’s on console, there’s always the report player for X option. Faster than Zendesk. Microsoft are pretty quick at shutting down people that violate the XBL ToS. They banned a few Halo players until the year 9999 from memory.

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Holy crap. What ivory tower do you hail from?

“Honey, pack the bags, we’ve moving! It’s not important if the property value is 10x more than here. We need to get our priorities strait and move to a location with better internet, just in case Conan Exiles lowers the ping limit!!”


Yes. Moderating a forum is easy, from both a technical point of view as well as knowing when and how to act. A regular community manager can do that easily.

Taking action on a player, on a server where they may have spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours building, recruiting thralls, etc. needs to be investigated thoroughly before action is taken. If it turns out they have cheated, they need to be punished accordingly. But the evidence needed for such action needs to be fool-proof.

Also, it seems that cheating is easier and faster than investigating reports of cheating (quite possibly thanks to those helpful tutorial videos one shouldn’t link to these forums). That’s why the game moderators’ backlog of cases to investigate is probably so long that they can’t respond to new reports as quickly as they’d want. This in turn leads to frustrated players resorting to a “if you can’t beat them, join them” way of thinking and starting to cheat themselves in order to “combat” the cheaters, thus becoming part of the problem (and part of the backlog of reported cheaters that need to be investigated).

The proper channels to report cheaters may not work as quickly or as efficiently as we’d like, but people aren’t helping if they break the forum rules in their attempt to send lynch mobs against suspected cheaters. All that does is cause more work for the forum moderators.

You know what they say: statistics, or it didn’t happen. Anecdotal evidence is insufficient to make decisions on corporate business strategy.

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You haven’t been in the loop because you seem like you have much more important things to do than watch a Chinese-speaking streamer. Rino, I and a bunch of others have been recording, reporting and even attempting to intercede in cases of blatant hacking, cheating, and exploiting with ready-made software tools. These are also self-confessed.

I’ve been playing this separate “boss battle” for four years now, and usually the winner is Trisha. Typically the backlog is so large, the people-power so thin and the interest so low that bad guys and hackers simply go away through attrition. We need action, and we do need it with some speed and severity.


So you need solutions. I get that. I can even sympathize with your problems.

No matter how many times you complain on the forums about the same issue, Funcom’s manpower isn’t going to increase. So threads like these are offering nothing that would take the situation forward. Best case scenario, they simply fuel the anger of people who are already angry. Worst case scenario, it encourages more people to cheat because threads like this tell people how to cheat (or at least indirectly, where to find info on how to cheat), and also because threads like this suggest that cheaters won’t get punished, so go ahead and cheat.

I’m pretty sure Funcom knows they would need to act faster and with greater severity. These threads won’t unfortunately give them any more tools to do so. As I said, at worst they serve to make the situation even worse.

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Actually no. I have solutions. I simply lack the authority to attack.

People who possess the authority and power to crush this threat do indeed read these fora, and we’ve interacted here and on Steam in other such incursions. I do recognize your desire to keep a lid on things. This is where we differ.


You speak as if there are thousands of servers, yes, there are thousands of official servers, but how many active servers are there? All you have to do is put a filter and you will get about 3-4 that will be populated, you enter the one with 40/40 (although I think there is no longer any like that) and there are SURE there are cheaters.

In fact, now a lot of undermesh is patched and the one that remains is very small, but a few months ago if an admin did the thing to enter the most populated server and look at the 4-5 classic undermesh places he could ban 99% of the Chinese player population on European servers. But it was never done, why?

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“Pugilist, why don’t you play on PvP servers?”

Points to this post.


they can open vaults and such on pve servers too, if pve had the population of pvp they would be there doing that.


The problem is not the cheating itself, there have always been and will always be cheaters, but before at least they hid, they did it sometimes. And in that situation the fact that Funcom took a week or more to ban them was not such a serious thing. The problem here is that they now cheat openly and nonstop until the server empties and they go to another. They do it openly because they know that Funcom cannot / does not want to do anything with this, and that is the problem I am exposing here.


The only tool that we as players have is a post like this, people who write here has been fighiting againts cheaters and hackers for years, YEARS, and we all know how it can be fix it but Funcom just doesn’t want.

You say funcom’s manpower isn’t going to increase no matter how many times we complain, well tell me what can we do to get that. We have to complain in order to get this things done but i agree with you, they will do nothing about this because we are few, not complaining, playing. This game is dying, if not dead, because this situation that we are living for years it will never end thanks to funcom’s inaction or not enough at least.

So we only can complain, to make them do something or just to expose them and that is far way better that a simple complain. People can see thousands of videos about cheating if they want, censore it here it’s just meaningless, its just that, censore because they don’t wanna be expose.

In summary, we can’t complain because they censore us while they do nothing or not enough to fix the real problem, that’s the perfect recipe for a dead game, enjoy it.


Well they just banned the live-streaming Chinese hacker in front of my eyes, cool… But there’s a catch. They banned him on my server only. Not a game ban (I can’t fathom at this). The guy just jumped to 1088, not changing accounts or repurchasing the game.

No more words needed.

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Simply spoken: Funcom is hidding behind Zendesk so it looks officially that they provide a certain level of support and thats it. I said it month before and say it now again. They are just shoveling problems from one team to another back an forth until there is enough time passed that they can close the ticket because your video didn´t proof anything or they ask you if the problem is still there. And if so the same prodecure of shoveling starts all over again. Zendesk is a waste of time, pure and simple. And I wish that people finally would understand it and stop using it. Save yourself the time to report, because no matter how angry or frustrated you are. Funcom is not gonna help you. If you can´t solve a problem on your official server by your own just move forward and look for a decent privat server to play on. Because nobody will help you and nobody gives you back all the time you spend reporting and recording again and again and again for nothing happening in the end. Take your stuff and leave. Have fun on a private moderated server or host your own server. It will do you more good then waiting for the mirracle of Funcom finally acting on the matter to happen. And this guys, I mean very seriously. It is a game, it is your private precious time and if you stop having fun just because you are waiting month for a problem to get solved by a company that doesn´t show an interest in taking cheating serioulsy, just move. Its way easier and less time consuming to give up your base and move on instead of waiting every day for something to happen. You won´t have fun, your frustration level just gets higher and higher until you completly quit. Don´t let that happen to yourself.

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I was going to say it’s because the game doesn’t actually have an account system setup like that because it’s all individual public and private servers. But then I remembered that this is what Battleye is supposedly for, yes? So in theory this guy shouldn’t be able to access any server with Battleye running, which all the officials do as far as I’m aware.

Now personally I’m not a fan of Battleye or similar services and consider them all to be just barely justified necessary evils. I’m just asking isn’t this exactly the type of situation that that service is supposed to put a stop to?

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Obviously you DO need to get your priorities straight. I know you think it is all about you, vs all of the EU and other servers getting swarmed with hackers and cheaters, but it really is not. It’s just that privilege you think you are due.


Historically, cheaters have done this during Summer holiday. I would expect 2.5 has a roll-up that spackles the holes the cheaters are exploiting. I mean, they can get into your locked vault/chests. :exclamation:

Battleye is supposed to stop you from running things that can break the game, allow you to inject code, or otherwise be a jerk in real-time. This streaming offender is clearly able to run stuff that should violate this, which is why this problem requires comprehensive approaches.

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Can’t tell if reply is serious or trolling …


Man its a program that costs about “XX” euros/month, the developers of this program are sure that they work more to improve this cheat than Funcom in the security of their game, if they need to work some days to avoid a new patch they will. In addition, Batteleye is used because it is the cheapest anticheat, not because it works. I am informed that there are up to several types of speedhack: some VERY old ones that kick you every “x” minutes (for the Battleye) from the game and then the just old ones that skip the Battleye and never kick you (and speedhack is one of the oldest hacks , almost all cheaters have it because you don’t have to pay a monthly fee for it) … and are you going to tell me that after the summer holidays they are going to solve things like the magnet hack?