The fix for disconnects is great.

That said, now every single time I approach or run by a ridiculously overbuilt base, I dashboard. This means my character keeps running freely into Crom knows what and where, in a straight line, and is likely to die before I get back in.

Relying on reports for server cleanup is NOT working.

I understand that staff and time is an issue, but if your game is becoming more and more unplayable on officials because of inconsiderate people and nobody policing them, what then?

You’re making money on the bazaar, use it to pay SOMEONE to visit official servers on console, and LOOK AROUND.

You’re telling me that dev who hops in to “investigate” the 3x3 someone feels is “harassing them” can’t take an extra 5 minutes and TAKE A LOOK AROUND?

There are a few bases on PVEC that literally are causing frame loss and graphics issues in the EXTENDED areas around it. I don’t even have to be in view of the whole base, just being in the general vicinity causes massive issues.

Please PLEASE pay attention to us on officials. PLEASE. Fly around. You will not be able to miss the problematic areas.

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