Official Servers on the release

Can we plz get all of the info on those 225 official servers before the release? A lot of people would like to know what kind of servers are available and which ones they should be playing on. And information like the server settings, ping cap, PVX type, gathering rate, regions etc, would better help us to decide where to land on the release. Also, help clear out some of the rumor on Reddit, things like people are saying there will be no PVE PVE fast servers.


I have same question, is PvE fast available on release?

Ive just read latest blog, and it talked about pvp servers, pve, and a cool new concept of pve conflict.

will we still have official pve fast servers on release? thx

Quick clarification about the new servers:

  • PvP: On these servers, player vs player combat is possible all times, but building damage will be limited to prime time (5pm - 11pm local server time). Players can fight each other as much as they want, but raiding and damaging buildings will be limited.

  • PvE: Only creatures and NPCs can harm players on PvE servers. Thralls will not attack players and players cannot attack and kill thralls.

  • PvE Conflict: On a PvE Conflict server you can only damage other players during prime time (5pm – 11pm local server time). Building damage is turned off at all times. These servers will at first only be available on PC. We may roll them out later for PS4 and Xbox One post-launch, depending on their popularity.

All servers will have 1x harvesting, xp gain and crafting times. We’re removing the Fast type servers.


Jens tyvm for the reply,
I also got a couple questions:

  1. PVE: Players cannot attack and kill thralls(player owned) will this be implemented on the release or after?
  2. PVE conflict: Can players attack player thralls during conflict or none at all?
  3. Ping Caps on all servers? if so what will be the cap limit? I have a friend his ping is like 150ish he had to keep on refresh the servers lists before joining, Will there be a server or 2 that have a higher cap as 180 or 200? I personally do not like the current US 426 which has no cap at all.

Jens Erik could you confirm the cap of 6 days decay time is intended and will remain so after release. I really think it is great the system is working now. Servers are clean, but in a small clan with 2 players we will strugle a little once the holidays come. I know there are other server options unofficial, but we have had a great time on official servers and will give this a go at release. Just wondering if it is intended or if there will be server options with slightly longer decay times. Really looking forward to release now. This is one of the games I have enjoyed the most ever. Great work by the whole team​:metal::video_game:

[quote=“Oink, post:4, topic:4240”]
PVE: Players cannot attack and kill thralls(player owned) will this be implemented on the release or after?[/quote]

It might be in for launch. If not it will be hotfixed in very quickly after launch.

Thralls won’t care about other players on PvE and PvE Conflict servers. PvE Conflict are basically PvE servers, just with the possibility of PvP combat at certain times.

There will be some servers without ping limits.

That really depends on the size of your building. If you build big it will last longer.


decay is cap to 15 day

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This is great news. We love building and by Crom, regardless of purges or other players, nothing shall stop us building.

hey folks,

i got some questions too:

how will the servers be named? like today or do you seperate them like GER for German, GBR for great britain or HUN for Hungary, or something like that?
an which languege is allowed in the general chat? is it only english or can we talk like we want (except TROLL-language) :wink:

ty for your reply

greetings ■■■