Official Servers PVP are 2 easy

Hi dear exiles and devs!
I’d love the game, it’s still need a work and polish but its awesome.
But I’m thinking, why the hell all official servers are x2 multipler for the grinding, and why do are raiding is time restricted…
It’s make pvp servers not really pvp… Also time of getting 60 lvl and bunch of cool stuff is really short.
That’s make pvp servers a pvp-fast servers, and easy.
I wanna get to the really barbarian hardcore world, with no mercy :wink: for sure I’m not the only one who is sad, to reach lvl 30 you need a hour or less of play … And you do need to be scared about get raid or kill by another players anymore…

Please take care about this and give us a TRUE PVP!

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ive been playing since release and I’m still not level 20…

Been playing a lot since release, just reached lvl 32.

I dont know where you are playing lol

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@robbo2110 If you want to get levels fast, go to all the exploration markers on your map. They give an exponential amount of XP according to how many markers you have already found. Once you have almost all of them, a single marker will bring you up from 59.5 to 60. That’s an entire half of a level, at the highest level you can get. This is how almost everybody gets to 60 on Official PvP’s. You can find a map of all the points online.

I’m really happy with the 2x rate right now. It’s fast enough that it isn’t a huge loss if you die and lose your armor. Makes it faster to rebuild after a defeat, which makes it more fun for everyone. I’d really suggest they keep the rates exactly as they are.

It was post about creating real hardcore pvp servers, without crying kids.
I do not wanna know which lvl are you after so much time… maybe you are only grinding stone or something…
But for me(play since 1 day EA) is to easy, THIS IS CONAN WORLD… No excuses should be here…
Also losing gear should be painfull. Or we get lot of junk on servers, should I care about my gear or got in in ■■■??
All your’s work is worth nothing now, because you can get it back again in few minutes without any problems…

“PVP-Hardcore” servers should be made, if you don’t understand what I’m talking about.

Ah lol, I didnt know about that.
Well, they should def. fix that ASAP and reduce the XP gained from visiting new Locations.
That is just ridiclous…

Yea… I hope they will add button to disable xp gain from discovery. 6 hrs and u are max lvl on x1 server coz of this thing…

Wanting someone to suffer after you beat them is the worst way to keep a PVP server running. If you can recover quickly and get back into the fight you ensure people will stick around and keep fighting.

What you are asking for is dominance which just runs people off the server then you are crying because there is no one to fight.

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Been 60 since day 1.

Find a map with all points of interests. Get them and you’ll be 60 in 1 day ez.

There is no such thing as a hardcore pvp server! It sounds like what the OP is asking for is a server which is less than 1x so when you lose your stuff or get raided that it’s a real bother to recover from. I think the number of player who would like this is probably the minority. It’s even hard to find this hardcore pvp on private servers as well because it’s not popular.

People like to raid sure but part of the fun is recovering and then being able to fight back. There needs to be a continuous state of war to keep the pvp alive. Otherwise inevitably people get raided leave the server and then you’re on your own with nobody to raid.

Pvp doesn’t have to be about getting resources, it’s about the art of raiding and defending. Sure take the resources you need and reinforce your base or restock supplies you lost previously.

If you really want hardcore why not just have your character deleted when you get killed! Now that would be hardcore! Lol

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