Official servers PvP just eventually get locked down..?

So I’ve seen this on several PS4 PVP Official servers… eventually an alpha clan black-ice blocks off access to The Volcano or whatever, and then it’s unreachable…?

Will this be addressed at some point? This is not a Git Gud issue. This is a How Can You Kill That Which Has No Life issue. If you don’t fix it I really don’t care, I play on a moderated server now.

I mean there could always just be a Cleaner unkillable NPC that makes a path if it can’t find one through key areas.


or you make a tribe yourself and claim the volcano and get alpha spot


Once a spot is claimed that’s Game Over for that server. I’d rather be… well I’m not gonna say but you get the idea. Not gonna grind 2,000 bombs to get through ther 250 layers only to just reach the volcano.

Not hating on them for winning, congrats! But now the server is closed.

never said you winning just you cant know now since the crashing

I don’t understand. How is blocking the volcano make the server “closed”? Most of the game takes place outside of the volcano. That server is not closed. Of course it’s not always possible to topple a tyrant. That’s completely appropriate in a Conan game, I think.

Its a normal progression. Same in ARK.

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You have only 2 things to do, either leave, or make everyone leave, so this Alpha Clan will be left alone on an empty server.

Wall Obelisks, side from the one in the lake at the mounds,Unnamed city and maybe The Dregs, they can all be walled in. Close crystal caves, close the Brimstone lake, make them pay for doing that and become an ■■■■■■■ like them.

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So that’s it then I guess, server’s just closed once everything is blocked. That won’t kill a dying game or anything… it’s nice that the option is there, i suppose. Really like this game, I’ll still play after it’s dead but having significant chunks of the map blocked is too much of a yawnfest.

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