Official servers scheduled maintenance on June 16th and 17th

Greetings Exiles!

We’ll have scheduled maintenance on our Official servers in Europe, London, and Russia starting on June 16th, at 9:00 AM CEST and ending at 2:00 PM CEST.

Also for the Official servers in the USA, Canada, LATAM, Australia, and Taiwan/Japan starting on June 17th at 9:00 AM CEST and ending at 2:00 PM CEST.

The goal is to update all Windows systems and maintain core network equipment at the same time, to keep the downtimes low.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


OK so why they already reseting at 14 june ?? So nice to again loose surge drops because of servers cant make warning 30 min before reset… but 10 minute when all fuels are inside,… third time… place maybe ONE day when to put updates please, not all week at random server resets and warnings 10 min before :C


Thank you, they need it badly

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There was a small patch (hotfix) today fixing some issues. So when a patch is released, all servers will be restart to install the patch.

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There’s a hotfix? Where can we find information on what the hotfix did?

Also, why do they have to bring down the server, then an hour later bring it down again? If server maintenance restart is within a couple of hours, why not just wait for the server maintenance restart to apply the hotfix?


Today’s post in the main patch notes. Personally, I think they should posted mini-hotfixes as a separate thread, but that is just me.


And add them at one time, and only one day in week, i remember, times ago when siptah was not even aired or ideas about it, and i played in first server ( basic newbie) i had like random restarts also for ‘‘hotfix’’ i dont remember who, probably codemage maybe , just maybe, or something else told me that funcom updates only Tuesdays… or Thursday okay so be it, now even in Mondays without even any info, and again i lost stuff to who i farmed almost week just in 10 minutes… i understand hotfixes should be but this now is basically WHY - could update at maintenance on 16 june, or atleast warn 30 minutes before not like on second wave when summoning T4 surge… its just great to dont know how much times lost actual good stuff because random mini hotfix update with only 10 minute warning

solution for this

  1. ONLY 1 day in week when hotfixes are added okay so be it monday and then dont change again to random days without warning
  2. Add that damn anouncement atleast 30 minute before restart - purge/ surge can be done in that time not like when u put 20 greaters and then “” Server will go off in 10 minutes"

I dont know but after all this , i am actuall either hated maybe or most unluckiest person 5 damn time spawned surge and each time server shutting off … with 10 min warning… i think i even reported this thing like half year ago…

Typically, the only patch once a week at most. But when game is crashing or other big issues, hotfixes are appreciated to those who need the hotfix so they could come any time. Otherwise bug fixes usually wait until a big patch. We had a bunch of hotfixes lately due to various issues that were priority fixes.

I have no issues with emergency type of hotfixes appearing unexpected.

Hello @Mayra

Is this all Official Servers, Consoles and PC, or just PC servers?

Thank you.


It’s all the Official servers on all platforms.
Also to answer a few other questions:

  • This maintenance is on G-Portal’s side therefore we couldn’t schedule it with a game update, unfortunately.
  • We will request that the messaging in-game is looked into again to understand why isn’t showing up on some servers.

Thank you for understanding and your continued support.


Thanks for the info


@Mayra will private servers gportal be getting updated?


We don’t have information on the private servers.

You can try to reach out to their support to make sure. :slight_smile:


It’s actualy after maintenance? i see my server is up on battlemetrics #1088 but i cant sill go in. Its possible i dont get update on xbox game pass pc?

yep it wont update even fore it;/

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Will this also apply to the PS4 servers?
Because, to be honest, it’s extremely annoying when you’re in a vault or want to climb down somewhere. :blush::v:t4:


If you look closely it’s for Ps4 too. Had to read couple times thought was for pc only.


at least you have warned :rofl::rofl: Thanks

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Thx for the Info @sestus2009 :v:t4::blush:


Can I get a disable pop up message option in settings? I don’t like it. It has gotten me killed before