Official servers, the last days has been

Unstable… #1036

Hope you will look into this.

We love the new update/ optimizing stuff but these servers are just …rubbish xD

Also I had a PROPER PURGE and OMG did it hit me hard and totally unprepaired. 10 if not more elites and 4-5 Rockslides hit me hard. Btw they one hitted all my pets, I doubt that supposed to be that way? Either up pet def/ health or let us level them.

Saying in which area the purge hit might help Funcom answer if the purge waves were appropriate or not.

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I wasnt talking about the purge, and I think they know where rockslides come as purges. My question was if it is intended that they can one hit a pet, maybe two hits to a greater one.

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