Official servers without avatars

Hey Funcom.

Seeing as most PvP server now are empty because of cheaters AND/OR avatars: Can you reroll some of them to Officials with NO AVATARS? Maybe get some PvP going again…

Any answer like Yes/No instead of a generic one would be appriciated.

Thanks a bunch!

I have no avatars on my server. Mitra’s Blessing. Tried to keep it as close to vanilla as possible. Only problem is its pve-c but ive been thinking lately about switching to pvp

Hey there! Im fully aware that it is possible to do this on an unofficial server. But what I’m looking for here is an official one, as the problems with unofficial ones are that they can go offline any day.

And seeing how Official PvP servers now is just a ghosttown, I can’t figure out why they woulden’t just say “Hey, thats a great idea - let’s do that”

I’d be up for the idea of having Official PvP Servers without Avatars too. That way it gives lone players a chance against clans, in my opinion.

Just the opposite, I believe.

Well…they can go offline but normally if someone is trying to be a good host they’ll leave it running. I can tell you my server resets once at 10 oclock, and my computer restarts once at about 6. So 2 restarts a day.