Official stance on multi-instances?


Morals? Shady? :unamused:

I am not going to debate personal beliefs. Either the company thinks its ok or they do not, that is all that matters as some companies are fine with it others are not. What other gamers think is irrelevant and bias as one could easily say that a person reading a guide on raids isnt moral and is shady as they are not learning it on their own like everyone had to at the beginning…


There is nothing in the EULA that prohibits multiple clients, as long as a player handles them manually and lawfully.
The only note in the EULA prohibits the use of third-party software that plays for you (as bots or key replications) or prevents you from being disconnected from being afk.
As long as you are able, manually to manage and handle them, you can have as many clients as you want open, until the explosion of your PC.
PS: there is also to add that for months now there is a player who uses anti-afk and mining bots and despite numerous reports to the GM, he is still here while the usual response received is “we are investigating”.


[quote=“zujilin, post:22, topic:909, full:true”]PS: there is also to add that for months now there is a player who uses anti-afk and mining bots and despite numerous reports to the GM, he is still here while the usual response received is “we are investigating”.

Yeah that wont change anything. We havent had anyone banned from a game since the early 2000s and that was actually a weird instance that was questionable on the part of the company.

This will either be cleared by Funcom or wont be done.


I’m still trying to understand why you are so against pugging out the last few spots for your raid, instead insisting on having some of your guildies multiboxing. This will make it even more difficult for you to clear the content as instead of having players focusing on just 1 toon, you will have them splitting attention between 2 toons and in the process making things worse.

Just curious, but what is the name of your guild on Saga?


It is not about personal beliefs, it comes from a long experience about what is considered cheating in this game and what people get banned for. I doubt that Funcom will clarify this question, because it it just way to obvious. Why you even insist on that is beyond me, perhaps you do not understand that it will not be of any help in any encounter in any raid in this game, not one single bossfight is designed in a way so that your raid would profit from multi boxing, but instead getting harmed by it. But you will see for yourself once you start raiding.
If you can not see the difference between “beating” content and getting loot in any other way than one person playing one character at a time and getting yourself informed then you are right, any conversation about that matter is pointless.


Over 20 years of experience. The last time we had guild drama was in EverQuest, and then we closed our doors. We have not had an instance of issues in raiding ever since as well.

Raid with people you know = fun no matter what happens and zero worry about a person ninja looting, going off because of a mistake or creating any other kind of drama. In other words, the raid will be fun, period.


Dont bother man, I’ve played too many MMORPGs not to know bias when I see it…there are almost as many MMOs that allow that do not. Your instance on pushing your view on this is beyond me even after I said all that matters is what Funcom says, not players.


My guess is Funcom will either say nothing or say it is ok as long as somebody is controlling both characters.


It is not just my view, but as I said, you made your point, no further conversation needed. Now I am curious too, what is the name of your guild?

@Zaldar, if controlling both characters is the crucial question, then farming alts in pvp would be fine, too. And it is not, you will get banned for that if verified by a GM.


We have many names depending on the game and how many we are and if we need to break due to guild size limits or for play types (RP, PvP, Raid). Lords of Death, Lords of Domination, BK (Black Knights), Domination, Damnation, Ellipsis, HAVOC…


@Kantakwa I guess I should have been more clear. It depends on what you are doing with both characters. Since the OP is saying it’s for raiding, I would think Funcom would have no problem with it. However there is a gray area if a toon is on follow the whole time and just getting free relics and/or loot rot. Then you might have a problem.

If you have 2 toons and you are farming them for pvp xp, then that would not be ok.


Ok, cool that your guild have so many names. Which one does it use in Age of Conan, on Saga, and/or Crom and/or Fury?


We havent created a guild on Saga, didnt feel the need since they are going to be broken when it ends.

If we stay we will more than likely reform Lords of Death on Crom, Black Knights if we end up just wanting to RP. That will depend on if we can get more people to come and who decides to do it. Then again, with the way so many are talking about how they are upset with Black Desert Online and the future of SWTOR, we may end up with far more coming than we thought.


We’re trying to make you understand several things, but you’re so dead set trying to preserve the purity of your community that you’re not really reading what we’re writing. Let’s try some blunt speaking.

1/ You’re struggling to kill raid bosses that have been on farm for several years, all by yourselves. By doing so, you’re wasting your time, and the time of your friends. If you’re as good as you say, 5 minutes to explain each boss in the instance would be enough to get you on the right path.

2/ Several people have offered to help you understand the fights. Nobody asked to join your community. Nobody asked to become a permanent fixture in your raid roster either. You answered by saying that it would compromise the integrity of your superior community. You’re basically showing scorn to helpful and friendly people.

3/ You think multiplexing will help you beat the raid bosses. It won’t. It will work on the T1 bosses and on some of the T2 bosses, but that’s all. You will not be able to successfully multiplex any boss fight past T2 because of the mechanics of the bosses. AoC is not EVE Online, raids are not incursions.

When I say you can stop playing AoC, I’m not trying to push you out of the game. I’m simply stating the obvious: you will spend so much time trying to progress on bosses successfully pugged for years that your game-hopping players will either join other raids or leave the game.

And that, because you think anyone outside your group is unworthy to play with you even on a temporary basis.


Or you are the one that does not understand?

We do not play to win. We play for FUN, together. Not completing a raid is not a waste of time to us as long as we are together…that is why our guild is closed. Its friends only and only for those that want to be with friends as the focus.

We will learn the raids by doing and only by doing…wtf is the point in doing it any other way? So you can hit end game faster and end up with nothing to do…the bane of the MMO genre is not the game, its players taking the easy way to end game. Learning is the biggest part of the process.

Lastly, you can say what you please, it doesnt matter to me, wont matter to anyone in our guild either. We play our way, not yours.


Oh, I understand you perfectly. Let’s see how things stand in 6 months :slight_smile:

By the way, you didn’t learn only by doing. People from your community used Raid Finder where tactics were explained and probably joined PU raids more than once, else you’d still be stuck on Honorguard.

As for the answer to your original question, it was on the original EU forums. I could give it to you, but I’ll let you play your own way :smiley:


Reading Wikipedia seem it is allowed:
“Multiboxing is generally allowed by MMORPG End User License Agreements, because the characters are still subject to all the normal rules of the game world and are controlled by the player directly. This is in contrast to bots that partially or fully control the characters, which are against the terms of service of most online games.[5]
Most game developers allow multiboxing in their games. To date, Age of Conan, Aion, Anarchy Online, City of Heroes, City of Villains, Dungeons and Dragons Online, EVE Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Heroes of Newerth,[citation needed] EverQuest, EverQuest II, Lineage, Lineage II, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, Rakion Latin-Internacional, Warhammer Online and World of Warcraft all allow multiboxing. The Chronicles of Spellborn and Rift allow hardware multiboxing, but prohibit software multiboxing.”

Having said that I admire your loyalty to your community and the pursuit of fun first thing, what I can not admire is that you want to use a software to do this, closing among other things the door to possible new friends (in terms of game).


If you read again, youll see that I said it is for NOW until we have enough people locked into staying and can get a little more to come. Then we will open up to new member trials.

Thanks for the wiki quote, but we still wont do it until we get actual official word since that is actually very vague. Breaking the rules is not in our blood.


[quote=“Nephturi, post:36, topic:909, full:true”]
Oh, I understand you perfectly. Let’s see how things stand in 6 months :slight_smile: [/quote]

Then you clearly do not understand because if we are here for 6 months for our views to change it would mean we had 6 MONTHS of fun and so our views will not change and we will just move on to a different game :roll_eyes:

Your view of why to play a game is not remotely close to our own, so ask yourself how we can have stayed together for over 2 decades while comparing it to the longest person you have ever been in a guild with :point_left: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You are very selective about what you read in other peoples post and jump to conclusions. Nephturi did not say anything about why or how he likes to play the game. Nor did any of us say that playing is not the rewarding part of a game, but winning. No one is telling you how to play - we just tell you that “multi-whatevering” is plain stupid. Insisting on it just shows that your learning curve is steep. Like 90° steep. And it is totally cool that you have a healthy 2 decades old online community…but that is actually not that special. Most groups that old and dedicated to their frienship can handle 1 or 2 random silent guys for a few hours in a game where you can kick violent members of your team with ease, but maybe your community will grow to face such horrible situations in the next 20 years or so.

Your posts here on the forum start to not add up anymore.
Lets sum this up: You did not even start a guild in AoC although you have at least 23 active members of your community in this game, you raid with other guilds/raidforces (hopefully blindfolded and with ears plugged so you do not remember any mechanics because you think you are superior if you find out all raid mechanics by yourself), but at the same time you raid with your 22 best friends (not succesfully, in T1 I guess?), and once you hit a wall the first thing you come up with is not learning how to play, learning how to lead, improve your raidforces gameplay, but with cringy workarounds that involve having to ask if they are forbidden. On the one hand you claim to be “all about the rules”, on the other hand you actually really think that beating content with people playing two toons instead of just playing the game as it is meant to be, without any “workarounds”, is the way to go. And when people want to help you, telling you that this workaround would even HURT your raid more then it could possibly help, you insist on having an answer if it is allowed, instead of dumping this stupid idea for good. You did not show once that you did understand this point.
Yeah. Weird?
I doubt you ever saw a real raid.