Official stance on multi-instances?


This topic has been brought up many times over the years.

Funcom has told players (through GM tells in-game or through email petitions) that it is ok to Multibox as long as no unattended gameplay occurs. The player must always be at the computer imputing commands when the characters are doing stuff. A key broadcaster is allowed to mirror a key between multiple clients.

What you aren’t allowed to do is automate gameplay. I.E. press one key and sit back and watch or go afk as your characters perform a string of actions.

If you want an answer from an Official source, don’t use these forums. Make a petition in-game, or go to

That said, as others have brought up, multiboxing will be quite difficult for a lot of the content in this game. Good luck though.


Thanks Piankhi

FYI your forums link is FUBAR, leads to a forums are closed page.


Yeah and that is why I say I do not care about players opinions, because people make things up to prop up their bias. I stated why we did not form a guild on Saga and I never said we raid with other guilds and I dare you to actually quote where I did.

This thread was not to get your opinion. This thread was not to find out what you think is the right or wrong way to do things and one has to wonder why a few of you are so vested in making someone else do what YOU want them to do.

Yeah. Weird indeed.


Ah, right, that thread is in a part of the forums that requires you to have an account to view. I’ll see if we can get it un-restricted.


here is the official answer of the funcom:
They had bunned a boy on the fifth anniversary but then reinstated his accounts by clarifying that if you do not use bots, multibox is allowed.
I quote the part can interess you:

Thank you for contacting Funcom Customer Support.

Welcome back, friend!

There is no problem with what you describe, so long as all actions performed by your characters are purely from user-input and not automated. This is likely similar to other policies you’ve encountered in the online gaming world. Naturally, please use caution when using these processes to control multiple characters, as any observed incidents of unattended gameplay can, and will, be considered a violation of our Terms of Service and End-User License Agreement.

I hope that is helpful! If you have any further questions, concerns, or requests regarding your account, please don’t hesitate to reply directly to this e-mail. It would be our pleasure to assist you.


GM Odonoptera
Customer Service Representative

Funcom Customer Service"

Enjoy the game in way you like and have fun!


@zujilin the link you have there is to a guild wars post. I did find the one you have quoted from, but even that gives contrary information and whilst the posters on it do quote from the emails or interactions they have had with Funcom employees, it is still not what I would consider an official response by Funcom …
So for a third time: @Epicmonies after so many days of Funcom not posting into this forum subject with an official response, i suspect they have not seen it and will not unless people flag posts for moderation. Maybe if it has been put into the Support section then Christa may have seen it. But reposting into Support at this stage is more likely to get it closed by a moderator for duplicating posts. Therefore as I have put before I suggest you send a private direct message to the andyb (community manager) or christa (customer support employee) or sunstar (moderator) to try and get an official response on the specific multi-client situation you want answered.
I am not trying to be rude or hostile but I have not seen a reply from you that you have tried direct messages to Funcom employees and still not gotten a response from them.


@Piankhi if that post is from the testlive forums then it’s alreasy been stated Funcom does not intend those to be accessible now, not even as archived content.
They did say they could copy posts across if we wanted them to.


@Kwalya That thread is from the “Free-to-play (Archived)” subforum of the old official forums. For whatever reason, that subforum requires you to be signed into an account to view. I asked andy about it and he said he would get around to looking into it.

Edit: That link from @Zujilin is indeed about AoC. The posts in that thread just reference policies in a few other games too. The quote from Odonoptera is in one of the last posts in that thread.

Also, for reference, Odonoptera is andyb.


@Piankhi the link that Zujilin posted has been updated then which is fine …better than people are directed to where he intended … but when i was clicking it when I wrote my reply it was taking me to one about guild wars…
For some really strange reason Funcom had made the “free-to-play” section of the old forums only visible when you were logged into an account. You could see all the rest without being logged in … but not the free-to-play section which was newer than the rest…and yes at the time I vented my opinion that this was not sensible (my forum name over there is different from this one)


so, you can do anything you want, just don`t tell anyone from funcom and make sure that you will not be caught. works 4 any game.


Old thread, I know…

…I’ve been able to quad-log since release.