Game mode: [Online
Problem: crash | Bug
Region: american official server 3593

New user to funcom community couldn’t message you @community guys directly to report their story of what i had informed you about recently. The server even as i type now during raid hours is currently denying us access even with it being listed as online. Im trying to help you Funcom here, and more importanly help my fellow players who make this community. So that being said I’m creating this topic here for them to place their story.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Join server 3593 american official
  2. Raid a clan that per funcom rules i cant name
  3. Said clan will then close the server and load just their clan in
  4. Fix the ways that allow them to reproduce the issue :wink:

Raid a clan that per funcom rules i cant name.

If you are not 100% sure, you can’t blame a player/clan.
That’s why this rule is here.

Our clan Goodguys have raided this clan two days in a row and each time we raid the Oogas clan ddos and break the server and each time we get on our bodies are swiped and we have nothing on us. I would show the images but I’m a new user and funcom wont allow me too.


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