Offline Play in pc

Game mode: Singleplay
Type of issue: workshop offline mod
Server type: PvE

I pay fullprice for this game just to play with Offline mod.

i LOST my 540.2h save with the last update.

I can’t accept what the funcom did.


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Have to agree, i live in a VERY rural area where internet is frequently down.
There’s a huge difference between paying to buy a game and paying to play a game - I thought i’d paid to buy this one - clearly i was wrong :frowning:


That mod was never part of the official game. Mods may be discontinued by their mod authors at any given moment either because they don’t work anymore or because the mod authors decided to no longer support them and update them.

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no worth it.

Personally i was not referring to the mod, i mean the game in general. Single player should be single player.


No lo se


The game’s minimum system requirements on Steam include

Network: Broadband Internet connection

It’s a different matter to argue that Single-Player shouldn’t require constant connection (that’s something I can agree with), but you can’t claim that you didn’t get what you paid for if that item is listed on the system requirements. It’s not something unique to Conan Exiles, and it’s not unique to games sold on Steam. In fact, it’s irritatingly common these days.

If you don’t meet the minimum system requirements, and still choose to buy the game, hoping it works, it’s your choice. If your gameplay is dependent on a mod, it should come as no surprise that it could cease to work at any moment.

I use multiple mods in my game. If an essential one breaks, I will basically lose over a thousand hours of gameplay. That’s the risk I take when using mods, but if that happens, the responsibility for that loss is mine, and mine alone. Not Funcom’s, not the mod author’s, but mine. I’m the one who chose to use the mod, with full knowledge that it might go unsupported at a later date.


Not sure why you used a mod to play offline when the dedicated server used to accomplish through official means, but the latest patch has screwed us from all SP offline.

There’s a sticky thread in the Servers & Recruitment forum. I never looked into it, so I don’t know if it’s easy to do or difficult. I know @Wak4863 has mentioned before he uses this as a way to test server behavior, since it’s a true server rather than the compromise the game uses for singleplayer mode. There are several people on the forums who use dedicated servers, so if you run into problems, you could likely find plenty of help. As for whether it’s truly online or offline, I can’t say.

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There is not a “offline” option with a dedicated server. The dedicated server acts like any other server and requires an internet connection. There is a Multihome feature which is what I use. Multihome allows me to host the server and play the game on that server from the same computer.


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