Offline Purges and algorithm

Funcom, people want to play Purges. How hard is it to understand its the only thing keeps lvl 60 playing the game?

I have seen so many people leave the game in frustration and boredom because this feature didnt work in the past or doesnt happen 99,99% of the time! I dont know what algorithm you are using but its clearly not working! Why it doesnt prioritize people who are online? The hole idea of attacking offline people seemed ok… in theory, but its not working, this should be removed from officials then people who are online should get a better chance of triggering the event…

Many people who are online are there hoping to see it happen.
People who are offline, if attacked, get extremely frustrated for losing a rare chance of playing it

I havent seen a Purge in a month, some people who started on day 1 have never seen it or were unfortunate and missed it while being offline…! What is this? Why did you waste so much resource creating something fun as Purges if nobody has the chance to play it??

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Purge is a amazing feature, and its a great feeling when it happends when i am online. Think so too it should priorize online Players and this great feature shouldnt be wasted when peoples are offline.