Offline Raid Protection

Is this setting working? (Dynamic Building Damage)
It is such a great feature, but I can’t seem to make it word even though the settings are set.

Any info - anybody?

Are you making sure you set a specific time when the dynamic building kicks in? Like some servers it’s an hour after someone has logged in others is several hours, to minutes. Make sure you save your settings too.

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Hey there! Thanks for you intrest in helping out. I can’t find anything wrong with the settings. It SEEMS pretty straight forward. So kinda wondering if it’s not implemented 100% yet. Do you know of any server where this actually works atm?

Pvp Time from 1800 to 2230 and Dynamic Building Damage set to 3600m (1 hour) off “attackability” after a player logs off.

Based on my tests it does work but it is probably not how you are hoping for it to work.

You need:

  1. PvPEnabled = True
  2. CanDamagePlayerOwnedStuctures = True
  3. DynamicBuildingDamage = True

Then you have a choice to make:

  1. If you keep the time-restrict pvp building damage off, then you will have 24/7 raid time with offline protection as long as 1 person of the defending clan is online.
  2. If you introduce raid time e.g. 1800-2400, then you will have:
  • 0000-1800 - raid is on but at least 1 defender needs to be online i.e. raid with offline protection
  • 1800-2400 - raid with no offline protection, the raid time will kick in and you can attack anyone regardless whether they are online or not

Well…you nailed it with that comment. That was NOT exactly how I thought it would work, but at the same time it seems like a very plausable way for it TO work once it DOES NOT work as I thought it would :=)

I will do some tests as well with that as my starting point. Thank you for your time enlightening me!

Any feedback from others that have tested this feature is much appriciated, and I will report back here with my findings in a few days.