Offline raids are a mercy

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offline raid sucks and have low interest, its pve

you have no idea how many time i succeded defend against attacker, even when outnumbered, and the pleasure it was to meet victory. Also lost a lot of time (its 50/50), but i prefer to loose after a fight, if i fail to defend they desserve the loot, if i sleep they dont desserve the loot.


Yes and you are obviously a PvP player to be able to boast as such. Take no offense , my topic is meant for the PvE players and their delusions of grandeur when they finally stop being afraid to come to the real CE. If you’re honest and not just making all that up then you know how it goes, otherwise you’re just trolling. But still, raiding is raiding , whether they’re online or not. *and you would also know it’s not 50/50…

i started as pve player on pvp server and became a pvp player with time, (solo by the way).

50/50 because i have strong base, 3 years gameplay.

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I’ve been in legit sieges that start at 5 and don’t end until 11 and goes on for days. There is no grinding, or farming or doing what you want. You’re running the treb/counter-treb, banging on walls with a repair hammer, sniping with a bow( wishing Funcom made them just a little more effective), run back in and beat on the walls with the hammer some more. Listening to the kill box go HAM when enemy thralls accidentally teleport in there. It has its ups and downs. If you’re lucky you can throw on some cheap light armor and grab some iron daggers and some poison and slip outside the lines and try to come up behind them and grab a few kits, then hope you got somewhere to depot the loot. All the while it’s a pretty tense atmosphere in the base, everyone is tense, sometimes they start getting snappy at each other(which can just kill morale). And then knowing, when the raid hours are over, tomorrow at 5 the trebs gonna start flyin again and hopefully at least one person in the clan didn’t have to work the next day so they could go out and grind the necessary materials(gas arrows, poison arrows, iron, brimstone, hide for tar, hide for extra armor, food, fish, aloe, fiber, crystal, stone, wood…)

I defended my base by putting up one block of Sandstone, it was fun to read the pain of people who came to RAID my house.

Really? 1 sandstone foundation that only takes 2 maybe 3 bombs max… musta been some good times down on noob river

No, I was just replacing the only block they could destroy with Sandstone. No problem. I had a Chupa Chups house.

I’ve only got about 45–50 days(total hours) and I can hang with the best of them.

I do wish I was a little more electronically inclined so I could figure out how to post some game clips from my Xbox account here. Everyone tells me my base is super cool looking, like a samurai stronghold. I have a great spot. And best part is that I’ve been in a similar base being raided by the best and having seen where that base failed I’ve been fortunate to be able to correct all the mistakes and improve the layout. I didn’t do the easy way out and go with black ice, I used Khitan for the main part and reinforced stone for the exterior defenses. Just my fish house, underneath, would take several hundred bombs to blow into so I literally have a bomb shelter under my base coz who’s gonna use that many bombs just to blow into a fish house? Ample space up top for up to 4 counter trebs(which keep destabili, still trying to understand the logic in that coding). My base is pretty solid. I’ve resisted 2 raids so far, 1 was organized, the 2nd was very half-***, and that was all before I even had the base finished. I didn’t even have exterior layered defenses at the time just a kill box with a workshop above it. And I refuse to let the players there refer to me as alpha. There’s still one base I need to melt and until that time I humbly accept beta status.



@CodeMage, yep, trying to bait you into the PvP servers (the non-watered down version of CE) so you can see what you’ve been missing all these years and can realize how much time you’ve wasted. Good call

And that way you can render real input about something to which you have no clue what you’re talking about.

Nah, you made a post in which you tried to make fun of players you disagree with, so you can bait them into a pointless discussion :smiley:

I’m sure that’ll teach us inferior PVE players about how CE is really meant to be played :laughing:


@CodeMage Clever again. There’s actually much can be learned from a thread like this but you’d obviously prefer to demonize me and hide in the masses. My point is that, by your own admission, you’ve never even played on PvP servers so how is it you keep seeing your way into these threads about PvP and what needs to be fixed or what’s wrong with it when you have no feet to stand on in these topics because your feet have never left the PVE servers.

There could be the same amount to learn in a thread that doesn’t involve posturing and ad hominems. Honestly, the whole thing about taking equal care about what you say and how you say it shouldn’t be so damn controversial.

Also, let me just point out that there was nothing to be learned from your first post in this thread. The interesting discussion only began when @azaroth contradicted you. And what did you have to say to that?

“Oh, yeah, you’re right, bro, but that’s because you play PVP, not like those PVE weenies.”

So don’t give me that crap about me “demonizing” you – you’re doing a splendid job of it yourself.

For a variety of reasons:

  • Sometimes it’s directed at Funcom, because I want to offer my point of view about what keeps me from PVP.
  • Sometimes it’s directed at other players, because I’m curious about something in PVP and I ask a question or a bunch of them. The last time I asked you some questions because I wanted your point of view, you sidestepped them with platitudes.
  • Sometimes it doesn’t have to do with PVP per se, but with someone being a jerk to other people. Like the start of this thread, for example.
  • Sometimes it’s because someone said something about game design that makes absolutely no sense. For example, when people say “specific weapon X is overpowered and unbalanced” and someone replies “how is it unbalanced if everyone can get X”.

You don’t have to be a freaking chef to be able to say a dish tastes bad. When I offer an opinion I’m unsure of because I haven’t played PVP, I always qualify it beforehand so it’s clear that it is probably wrong or misguided because of my lack of knowledge.

On the other hand, I don’t need any PVP experience to say, for example, that turning a game into a recurring daily appointment is not fun, or that offline raiding is basically PVE, or that you could call a spade a spade and admit that you prefer offline raiding instead of making it sound like anyone who doesn’t like it is somehow inferior. :man_shrugging:


I hate offline raiding. I really do. And here’s why.

I prefer to have the person I’m raiding to watch me break their things. There is nothing more satisfying in this game than having a massive seige battle between two large forces. When trebs are used by both sides. When explosives make the landscape feel like a modern day warzone.

But when offline raiding is allowed, it becomes the meta. Because if you don’t do it, someone will do it to you. So you have to offline raid. You have to offline raid others to mitigate the damage done to you.

Real PVP is when there is consequences attached to actions. When actions have to be backed up by grit and will. Offline raiding sort of allows for this, but not in the same visceral sense.

Real PVP is when there is discussion, dialogue, intrigue, coercion, tribute being paid for protection, lies, slander, deceit, bribery, and loyalties being formed and tested.

My first PVP encounter in Conan was when three people rolled up on my friend’s and I sandstone hut we just started building. One explosive jar would have leveled half the building. And these peeps had at least Hardened Steel compared to our Iron.

We offered them a thrall to spare the situation and they accepted. They also told us to let us know if anyone else bothered with us. That they would take care of it. Which they did. Eventually they became allies in future battles. That’s PVP.

Fast forward a bit, we had a clan leader of ours get ganked while gathering some resources. They took his armor and weapons. It was a three vs one contest. Even good players have problems with those odds. However in a twist of fate. The leader of those three found out what they had done. He had them return the stolen stuff, and begged for our mercy. We were one of the strongest clans on the server and he didn’t want the now impending war to start between us. To which we obviously were about to visit upon them.

He sent one of his officers to work for us and gather materials. A bit of indentured servitude. The members were upset by this. Why would they send an officer to be humiliated like this instead of them. To which they responded with the idea that they were taking responsibility.

This was cool as hell, while he was gathering stone and iron for us, we were joking around and chatting it up on the server’s discord. Actually became pretty good friends and close allies after that.

That is PVP.

Actions, decisions, inaction, and indecision, all have consequences, good or bad.

I feel bad for those who PVP and haven’t had those experiences. And I pity the PVE players who will never experience those things.

But to truly have fun with PVP. You have to interact with active players. You can’t take it personally. You have to treat it as playing basketball down at the local park. Just random people all trying to have a little competitive fun. You just gotta have fun with it. Don’t take it super seriously.


That’s some execellent base design to pull of a trick like that.

Anybody wants to comment on this? Ah - see here:

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I’ll just leave this here concerning winning. Everyone can interpret how they wish:

Winning isn’t everything, its the only thing.

Winning is not a sometime thing. You don’t win once in a while. You don’t do things right once in a while. You do them right all the time.

-Vince Lombardi

The latter quote is used in the IET Soldier’s Manual.

It is a positive way to see it. I cannot understand why it is flagged. Still this positive opinion hides for me the most important negative of the raid of. Athletic spirit. Unfortunately pvp is not well balanced yet and for sure even the strongest play with cheats, so unless you have a really good company to have fun, there is no reason to participate on pvp, no one.

Your opinion is very correct too, I hate find my body in the desert while i log in :joy::joy::joy:.