Offline raids are a mercy

Guess you can’t read or only remember what you want to. As afore mentioned I have only killed a player in a load screen 1 time. I was outnumbered in warmakers. They were eager and followed me out right on my ***. I evened the odds.

Oh and that was in a very tight confined space wherein I had to do it while dodging his thrall too with little room to maneuver. But go ahead, keep telling yourselves I’m the problem. ToxicRabbit. Never acknowledge my accomplishments, like the fact that in a few months I have surpassed a lot of people who have been playing years. Or the fact that I’m not even great at PvP but I’ll win 9 times outta 10…because I’m not cheap, lazy and I don’t whine about gameplay I just play the game

Ok little girl I fail to see how reiterating the fact that thralls USED TO BE WEAK , when they in fact are not now is in anyway even a valid point to your own argument.

Basically what I’m understanding from you is that when you used to offline raid people the thralls were ******* back then so it was easy like PvE…things have changed since then by my own observations

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Your selective reading skills have been duly noted and filed in the “Whatever” file. Have a nice day, princess.

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My experience is like yours. There is so much complaining and salt in this game, it’s meant to be PvP but people take it personally, or worse… pretend to take it personally to influence server politics. I’d like PvP a whole lot more if you could only communicate with people via emotes and in-game notes and signs. The meta-conversation of messages and server politics that changes the way people play (all the stuff @Taemien says is “true PvP”) is my least favourite thing about PvP. Gimme a game where no-one can message one another and we’re all just fighting each other no diplomacy.

Edit: and I say that as someone who’s played in clans and been involved in the fake politics. Tried it, hate it.

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Like WoW?

In WoW (or when it had open world PVP) Red = Dead. You killed the opposing member because there was absolutely no reason not to. The same thing happened on the Deity based server of Sullon Zek in EQ where it was Good vs Neutral vs Evil. You simply killed the other members because you couldn’t really interact in a positive way.

Taking out chat will do the same here. That’s a pretty boring way to play honestly.

Being able to speak, being able to cooperate, and being able to trade with other players makes things interesting. The issue you’re running into is a bad culture of PVP where when someone gets ganked, they immediately want to throw a fuss. Instead talking it out with their aggressor.

Believe it or not, but most people aren’t all jerks right off the bat. There’s a few, and you will always remember the few over the quiet and collected majority. But most people, even when they are competitive will sit down and talk and work things out. But you gotta make it interesting. You can’t be boring, and you can’t just whine and beg either.

Even in PVP you can be cooperative with opponents. Even in my example about the ruthlessness in Archeage, I still had friendly banter and chats with members of opposing guilds and even those on the opposing faction. We used to coordinate fights for fun.

The point is, True PVP has consequences. Some are bad, some are good. But you have to play the cards you are dealt. And you should never take any actions as personal. And when dealing with those that do, well… lets just say it doesn’t take much to chase them out.

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Well, in your opinion. I think it’s more fun, because you have nothing to go on but actions. Do I attack that huge base? What if they come for me, is it worth the risk? Do I attack everyone on sight, or do I live and let live? No words to confuse the issue. I play PvP for this visceral experience, not to have my game curtailed by agreements and trade and politics.

The issue you’re running into is a bad culture of PVP where when someone gets ganked, they immediately want to throw a fuss. Instead talking it out with their aggressor.

I think it’s actually the opposite - it’s too much talking. It’s people complaining about being raided, yeah (in a PvP game!?), but it’s also “good” clans policing people for raiding and wiping players who don’t conform to their playstyle or even just don’t want to communicate. And it just takes some of the fun out of it for me if I have to deal with messages and politics and people’s words and opinions about how the game “should” be played when I log on. I just prefer actions to words.

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I couldn´t agree more.

People actually do nothing else then sh…talk, complaining, trying to get others to believe you are the server devil for going after their base so that you will get banned for no reason than beeing a raider on a pvp server. You have to explain yourself letter like, why you dared to choose that base in the first place, because it was so nice looking and the guy didn´t do anything to no one, and why you did went through the roof instead of the 20 doors in the front and why did you destroyed all the beautiful benches that stood right next to the 100 chests, placed on the wall. Oh and I forgot: why did you took it all? I could have have left him at least his thralls. Well… ummm… no?

I strongly believe that most people in this game doesn´t understand what pvp means. And what do they expect me to do, when I have 500 bombs, mates and a lot of time? I don´t know how many times I had to build and repair my bases after a raid. I don´t know how many hours went straight into farming after we got raided. How many times we spend farming thralls or runing dungeons for new weapons. Thats what you do in a game like that. But people on pvp are like: nope … I build my castle, fill all my chests and I expect you to not knock onto my door, otherwise you get the drama of your live.

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Thats the propaganda phase…lol. I played on a PVP server for 3 months as the alpha because I had everyone convinced I was a clan of ten and they were afraid to raid me. I never got raided once, but it became so boring I quit playing PVP.

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So here is my thoughts on this. Offline raiding will happen at some point, It isn’t fair to expect someone to wait for you to be online to raid you. However I do disagree with the playstyle of specifically targeting people when they are offline, i.e people who won’t raid you if they see you online or will stop mid raid when they realise you are then and you start defending and then later come back when they think you have logged off ( I have encountered these types personally) Now not to say you arent allowed to play that way or that it isn’t a valid way to play the game, you are entitled to your playstyle as long as it is within the rules of the game. At the same time don’t be upset when others look down at you for your playstyle, they too are entitled to that opinion. The reason is it shows cowardice and a lack of confidence. Sure it’s easier to raid someone when offline, but lets be honest we don’t play competitive PvP so that we can have easy mode, it is a game afterall and not a real life situation where mitigating risk by taking every step to ensure an easy win no matter how underhanded can mean life and death.

I have offline raided but that isn’t from intentionally seeking out offline players. I decide to raid something and if they online then great I prefer that. But if they arent and I really want to raid it then I’m not going to sit around waiting, I don’t know if that person will come online in an hour or maybe the next day, heck maybe they went on holiday and will back in a few days or maybe they are done with the server and have left their base to decay.

If I had the choice I would prefer online raids. I also try not to offline what seem like new players, reason being is it’s not good for them, it turns them off the game quickly and they don’t learn much from the experience. In an online raid you can see the mistakes you made and how someone got in how they managed to raid you and with that you can try something different the next time around. Heck I even will show people where their weak points are so they can learn and improve at the game.

Personally engaging in an “at all costs no matter how frowned upon” mindset to doing well in PvP isn’t rewarding or fulfilling. I find myself feeling it to be a hollow victory and in an online game where the point is to have fun and enjoy myself I would much rather have a challenge and lose than have easy mode and win but look like a low life doing it. So things like attacking someone in a loading screen or specifically looking for offline targets are things I could never get into doing. I would feel way too ashamed to get enjoyment out of that. But that is just me, different strokes for different folks and I won’t complain about others playstyles that are inclined to those kinds of “at all costs” strategies, it is fully in their rights, but I will stand by my own right to look down on those players for it.

At the end of a day it’s a game and whatever tickles your pickle then by all means.

I dont understand why the first post is flagged. Its a point of view.

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Yeah, the flagging option in these forums is easily abused IMO. Thank you for understanding and taking the time to read it, even if you disagree with it.

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See, this is what I’m talking about. This sort of thing would be impossible (or at least much harder) if there was no chat.

I’d love to try a PVE-C server without global chat. Keep the local chat, so people can still communicate and have at least a chance of making encounters interesting, but get rid of the global so people can’t resort to the usual tantrums and name calling and drama.

I’m sick of people complaining about how they got ganked by 2 guys while they were AFK in a dungeon during PVP hours, or taunting someone who ran away from a 3v1 fight.


So no offline raiding? My server still says 18:00 to 00:00 building pvp damage everyday, it’s the original Exiles content. Why does it say that?

lawl, single player IS the real CE

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Lol. Can’t help but notice as I ride around checking on all the noobs that there is ceiling pieces randomly missing from their “bases”(all of the bases, each one). No sign of explosive damage damage, just the usual 2-3 points that occurs sometimes. The homes aren’t decayed, plenty of time on the clocks. Just crawl right in clean out all the benches. Kill the horses. Don’t even keep the loot, just drop it so it despawns, figure that’s a big enough set back since now it’s gonna take them twice as long to replace it all. Couldn’t help but notice that the ceiling piece in my own base was missing again, even though I just replaced it last night. Lol

Great job team👍

Oh and don’t hate on me, they were online. They just weren’t home lmao

You can destroy Sandstone (T-1) with Steel weapons. T-1 is a little buggy unless you get up around 50-60 pieces. It’s not going to last a full 168 hours.

They delayed implementation. We were surprised as well.

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