Offline single player lag (ps4)

Game mode: ( Singleplayer)
Problem: (Crash | Bug | Performance)
Region: (Canada)

After less than 24 hrs owning this game, im very dissapointed due to the offline lag. I built myself a midsized base (23 cubes x 7 cubes, 2 floors tall double spaced, and a usable rooftop. Built along side a waterfall) By the time I started building an overlook on the rooftop, the game nearly stopped working. It freezes for 5 seconds or more, before allowing me to move for several seconds between freezing. After half an hour of effort, i moved away from my base and the performanved increased, but stepping in sight of my base breaks the game every time after a dozen or so attempts.

Every other game runs smoothly on my ps4, unless the issue is with the game itself. There is nothing else running on my system, I have more than enough free space, and the issue occurs every time I try to return home to my base

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build a longhouse style base, 23×7×2 double spaced stories tall along side a waterfall, then start to add part of another level.
  2. Watch as the game prevents you from doing anything else
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