Oficial Server Full

I’ve been trying to play this awesome update, but the official servers are always full, too few servers for everyone who waited so long for the update on play station.

It’s a bit frustrating having so few servers at the moment for sure but also once the dust/hype has settled the numbers will likely start falling off and logging in will get a bit easier.

I imagine they are trying to avoid repeating what’s happened with the exiled lands and instead of having heaps of empty servers like we currently have, we’ll have fewer servers with a more steady population.

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I’m in the same boat for pvp, made a official settings server hopefully I can populate it.

Maybe they only sold 1000 dlc?

I ordered this dlc 4 days ago, but I can’t use it because is everything full.
At client perspective, it looks disrespectful to sell anything and make us wait until the others quit.

Looks like they counting on players quitting for the rest of us to get access. Unfortunately, this strategy will force us to get access to the server when those “alphas” get too strong.

FUNCOM should open new oficial servers AND create a QUEUEING SYSTEM.