OIl only crafted with a t4 Thrall ? patch 2.1.2

I saw on the test live that only a t4 crafted will get the recipe to make oil do you have plans to add it on say t3 and below but raise the cost to make?

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Some kind of solution is needed for solo play. I seriously doubt I will ever see a T4 thrall on Siptah. I would have to somehow cheese the surge summon process AND the maelstrom harvesting process. Doesn’t sound fun. Survival is tedious enough on Siptah right now.


i can solo a summon but gotta have a tough npc to handle it is the only problem but never gotten a t4 from them as of yet thats farming not fun

I understand that at the moment it is grindy , and don’t want to discuss that , on the other hand I suggest you to fnd a fighter III (from wild surges) and go do the 14 vaults with it 2 times to be able to stack on you and on your thrall the 14 sigils , this will help you for the maelstrom , you can also do it with more followers ( like putting some thralls down as guardians on the area you do the maelstrom ) after gathering enough ??? ( 20 greater ??? or 500 ??? or 1000 lesser ??? ) for a T4 summoned surge , you need to have enough decayed eldarium to zap the “tameable” thralls while you and your fighter III kill the “untameable” npcs ( having a greater wheel of pain nearby is a good thing to have prepared before , and 2 greater wheel if you don’t want to loose any good potential thrall ) then slowly but surely engage the waves of surge ( also having a bedroll down in case of death is a good idea :wink: )

after getting your first T4 fighters , the game will be much easier in terms of survival ( so you can concentrate on acquiring legendaries killing bosses ect … )

to be noted that sitpah is still in Early access and many things will be added / changed , mechanics will be tuned up or down , as players give them feedback .

PS: as it is a solo game , then you can also tweak the parameters for it to be less grindy ( like turning up harvest rates ect… I understand that wanting the hard vanilla settings is more immersive , just a suggestion :wink: !

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Yes I have them all every sigil i run a few vaults a day for the eldarium metal.
Getting T4 fighters from a wild surge doesnt happen.
You have to do a summon and then just RNG if 1 drops out of the sky.
I have a few 1000 hours into Conan On exiles im max level with almost every recipe and feat I understand how to play the game i dont needa tutor. On Siptah i was 60 in a few days its not that hard. But the constraint is with thralls giving certain recipes that basically makes the game into a farm., If i wanted another game like Arkh Id just go play it.

Did you bother to read what this was about initially??? No you skipped that part about oil production and went on a tutorial.

just to say , first I wasn’t answering you , but RasterOps , for oil , you can press fishes , you can grind seeds , and with the next hotfixes you will be able with a T4 thrall to make some ( edit : and before the economy update only a purge alchemist (or the darfari witch doctor ) could do it so why not only T4 can do it now ? ) . and since you have so many hours in the game you should know this

and for the T4 part , in the first T4 surge i summoned , I got 3 T4 fighters / 2 T4 bearers / 2 T4 dancers and 1 T4 archer , so chances are you didn’t even try summoning a T4 surge in the first place .

And I am not the only one ( for T4 workers it’s another deal )

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