Oil Yields Still Too Low

Oil yields are still too low and grindy. Please increase oil yields since the economy update has changed the sources of oil.

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Get an alchemist 4 :slight_smile:

Translation: stop playing Siptah and go back to Exiled Lands :wink:


Many easy ways to make oil. I’ve noticed players aren’t really adaptive here. Fish still provide oil, use beehives and get a passive income of bees for insects. Bam passive oil / ichor income. Use Ichor and bark to produce oil at a alchemy table with a named alchemist. Gain ichor by using woodcutting axe on spider corpses. Funcom seems to be quite cunning. They just dont want to hand you all the answers instead secretly putting them in the game for players to find.

Is this something new? Beehives have never produced bees before, only honey.

No passive ichor production, because getting ichor from fish is bugged. They’ve put it in their patch notes, but it doesn’t work.

You also need ichor for alchemical base, so you might not have as much to spend on oil. You can also get alchemical base from the supply box lottery, so if you were lucky enough, you might have ichor for oil, provided you have a T4 alchemist.

Speaking of which, good luck with that if you’re playing Siptah. That’s what my comment was really about.

Yeah, they’re so cunning, they keep you guessing which of the patch notes are true and which aren’t.


Fish traps at least need change in decay timer. If they’re not stood by and watched you loose the fish. Some people agree with any change they make. I have a thousand other the things I have to grind and do besides watch the traps. Changing traps didn’t reduce resources now instead of 100 of them there’s also 200 compost bins. Oh and I bet they nerf compost grub production to fix that also.

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oh if its isle of siptah i can understand the frustration :confused: i was talking more of exiled lands. I also get 500 alchemical base per carrier box and i just kill them at the galleon. i get about a 1000 per trip if you get around 6 boxes.

My current tactic is grabbing a sickle, it gives you a lot of seeds AND worker bees. Pickaxe is good too you can get more bugs with it but the sickle with the seeds are better.
Shove the seeds in fluid press, dump the bugs into fishtraps, aaand yayy.
I don’t have IoS, but I assume there are bushes and water bodies on that island too! :rofl:

The real problem I see with Siptah is that there are no npc camps which makes this isle very unpopular for many people, because the npcs are the core of the game. The whole concept with the surges fails in my eyes. You basically settle on an completly empty isle with nothing to explore except some vaults and some ruins. After you settled down all you do is running the vaults and the storm over and over again until you can finally afford a surge. Then you have to kill a ton of unwanted npc´s in one go on one spot for half an hour or more in the hope of getting a higher tier thrall. You do this maybe 3 or 4 times, after that it only feels like a grind not a joy anymore. The Exiled Lands are more fun. You have all the different camps you can scout. There are often several ways in so you don´t have to kill all npcs to get to the ones you really want. You can go to the camps you think you can manage with the level you have, you can avoid places you may not like or want to go. Thats the beauty of the Exiled Lands. You choose the place you want to be. If you don´t like running the vaults or the storm there is no way around it in Siptah. And instead of adapting Siptah to the Exiled Lands to make it less of a pain to play, they try to adapt the Exiled Lands to make playing Siptah less tedious. Therefore the whole oil (and other changes they made) are just a poor attempt to make Siptah look more apealing to people.


Maybe a “Thulsa Doom” type character with a good James Earl Jones voice actor? That would be really cool.

Hehe. In the underwater dungeon there is a room with a big whale that got opened. Those little worms that spawn there give ichor. And they endlessly spawn every few seconds. :wink: #freeichor

I think they always did, they just need a queen bee, or maybe I’m just crazy, but I recall a friend telling me that a long time ago.

Last I checked the bees/queen bees act as bait. If you add them, they just produce honey quicker with the bee/queen bee being consumed in the process.


Maybe thats what my friend told me, Idk :smiley:

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If you have it set on ultra, you can see the bees, not just hear them.killerbees :tropical_drink:

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