OK so after I tested new Purge, I imagined probably t4 building is coming

The mobs from North do insane amount of damage to building

One dire wolf literally killed a full health t3 foundation in 3 mins…

And silent legion soldiers destroy even faster…

I have to say this should be nerfed bit or they are probably planning to release t4 building

Or they were too enthusiastic with the buff in an attempt to get feedback in order to find the sweet spot…

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And what about thrall HP and damage? If 2-3 Archers III (equipped with their default Ancient bows) can kill a dire wolf under 3 minutes, I think we will be fine.

you can’t kill more than 20 dire wolves in 3 mins with 2-3 archers lll with legendary bows

yes that’s what i was thinking too lol

He did say “A” Dire Wolf with 2-3 thralls in 3 min. If you expect 20 Dire Wolves, get some more archers :slight_smile:

I know and there was no point to talk about ‘A’ dire wolf when we talk about ‘A’ purge. Obviously you won’t get purged by a single dire wolf lol

and also archer isn’t very good since late patch, I would recommend fighters from North or Volcano area to defend against mobs from North

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somewhere in this over full trash can I call my memory,
I seem to vaguely recall Mr Bylos saying there will be no higher building tiers.


Which has to be expected, as northern purge difficulty is set to 5,6 by default - while being limited by server settings.

IMO the same goes for key-keepers HP pools. The crocs seem to move like 50% faster now as well. (They have been really chilled before, now they are on drugs. :joy:)

It seems to me that the devs see complaints about stuff being too easy or OP and then nerf it to the ground.
I confronted Jens a few days ago (before current live was pushed out) with the challenge to kill such a croc boss with stone daggers… (I didnt want to set him against Ms Spidy.) I guess I shouldnt have done that. (That already took like half an hour or longer with said stone daggers.)

If people leave suggestions for balancing something, dont go and do all of those suggestions!
Have the one who is in charge of that specific thing to think about it and discuss a bit. Throw the numbers, compare it to before.
Basically people asked to eighter make them harder to kill or have a dropchance.
Most of the times whenever developers do that kind of “balancing”, they render something impossible, or make something not worth the hassle. (Why kill a boss for 50% dropchance for legendary chest if crafting some set-daggers or mitrean spear is easier?)
If there are complaints, get to know under which circumstances and compared to what. (Which is also up to us to deliver you though.) Then think about it and throw a few numbers into the room.
Maybe even let your community staff do polls for 1-2 days to get some feedback of those changes.