Ok...so talk to me...why should i play?

i played conan unchained for a year long ago but got fed up and left. played secret world…love the revamp…

so what is this game…is it a revamp like they did in secret world? is it fun?

just lookin for info…


if you like to survive, explore and craft building and stuff. is one of the best of the last years. Pve conflict is the best way to have a fun if you are alone

Action, things to understand and learn, immersive world.

go buy it :smiley:

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is it solo play or if my gf joins can we do stuff together? also…how does combat work? I hated how unchained work…im not a twitch player and all I did was endlessly die.

It’s actually both depending on how you want to play. Can completely play by yourself which is what I’m doing on PvE. Or you and your gf can both join up on the same server(PVE or PVP) and play together building a base together and all that good stuff.

As for how I play, I pretty much start a base early on. Expanding it, lvling up, finding materials, crafting new items and such. And then I eventually start wondering out and exploring more and more.

Combat is pretty straight forward. I’m on xbox so RB is Light Attack and RT is Heavy Attack, and I believe blocking is LT. And they have a dodge mechanic too. Now I stopped playing a long time ago during Early Access just because of the bugs which is normal but I’m fully committed to it now and am really glad I purchased this game back in the day. The Devs really have done a lot of great work with this game.

Hope this helps!

The combat is kinda dark souls-like, best way to describe it. :smiley:

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Pretty solid way to describe the combat, I agree. Conan might be a little more sluggish than the fluid system Dark Souls has, but it’s pretty dang close in comparison

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combat logic is a little easy compared to AAA games, easy to find the timing and way to kill with low or zero damage. The problem is only when server desynch.

Actually, please dont play! there are not enough slots on official servers. lol

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There’s also a Co-Op mode for the game: if you have a single-player game started, your gf can join in on that game.

Frankly, the game is a blast: it’s still rough, and needs a lot of polish, but it’s very playable, and very enjoyable.


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