Old armor padding no more usable ? why?

Why we cannot use anymore old padding from previous patch to craft armor in altar & armorer bench.

i have stock of padding of old generation, why i should loose them ? either transform them in new padding or allow to still use it to craft armor. thanks

there is a wonderful bench called dismantling bench, i suggest you to use it

yes but it dont give new padding, and only get back very few of the original material, i see no reason for loosing my old padding and throw it away. i farmed for that.

i doubt they will return your mats, and as those items are not really part of the game anymore, the best you can is dismantling them to get something in return… better than nothing, i guess.

you cannot even dismantle it, there is no need to return, just to add in a patch to transform them in new padding or still allow to craft with it, otherwise why not wipe all servers , because i still don’t see any reason to make me loose my stock of padding

Its the new game experience!

We threw all of them away.

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