Old bags eating new loot --- no no bad bag!

I like to butcher stuff. Especially intelligent stuff.

But there’s all kinds of small old bags hiding in the corners of New Asegarth, waiting for my prey to come apart. Nomnomnom Chaonike’s loot now is inside the old bag. And it’s a BIG old happy bag now. Good thing they don’t have legs, but they got tricks! As soon as I open the old bag — DESPAWN TIME KKTHXBYE. No limbs and skulls for Chaonike. Curses!

Could you please make old bags rip as they try to eat my new loot? I want to point and giggle as their guts pour out.


So, wait…some legless old woman in New Asagarth is eating your loot? :confused:


Hmm…I wonder how she lost those legs in the first place. But you wouldnt know anything about that now, would you @Chaonike? :wink: :laughing:

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