Old battlepass challenges

One element of the old battlepass that I and several others enjoyed was the old list of daily challenges. While some challenges were perhaps a little dull (collect x stones/berries/whatever), others could provide a bit of fun inspiration for the jaded player.

So how about maybe re-implementing the old challenge system as an ‘irrelevant’ extra for those that chose to engage with it? No rewards or link to anything else (maybe some icons to track how many you’ve completed in a session for the dopamine hit - but nothing that actually does anything or costs Funcom anything). Just a re-rollable set of daily challenges to act as a sort of ‘not sure what you feel like doing today - how about some of these?’ kinda suggestions.

The coding work is ‘already done’ (obviously, re-implementing would require some work, but surely very minor compared to actually creating something new) - so this would seem like a way to re-use work already done, no cost to Funcom, no negative for those that don’t want to engage with it, just an added bonus for those that did enjoy the old challenge system itself.

This isn’t about which system for BP progress is/was better - it’s just a suggestion to re-use the old challenge system as a standalone. (Perhaps Funcom could re-work it a little, remove the really uninteresting options, maybe even add in some others - but I think it could work pretty well just as it is, with no alteration other than no longer being linked to the BP). I feel like it would add a bit of value for some of us, and re-using work that’s already been done seems an economically good approach.

Any thoughts?


Would like that, unfortunately the devs have already stated that there wont be anymore battlepasses in the future , hoping the challenges remain at some form.

One of the suggestions I had previously was that the challenges could be used to add time to decay on a players bases. Something that would entice players to be active on servers rather than just boringly longing in and walking around and then logging out.

Running around doing challenges once in a while may cause these players to run into each other or other players and cause an interaction that may entice them to stay even longer and play.

Too often when players feel they’ve completed goals have an issue with coming up with new ones. They have all the stone and wood and steel and whatever they need. Boxes of weapons and armor. All the thralls they could want. And their buildings don’t really need to be built up anymore.

But they don’t want to lose all that progress so they login only once in a while and don’t really leave their bases. (While I, and many others, would simply wish they would stop doing this… I’m going to take another perspective view from their stance on why they do this rather than take an adversarial stance as to not derail the thread, I really do think this would be an excellent way of making challenges useful and meaningful, and always have)

But if they had a set of challenges they could do, and a decent incentive to do them. They would venture out, play, and possibly meet other players. Whether it be for PVP or PVE, meeting other players could formulate new goals as they exchange ideas (or blows). This would give pretty much every server that would utilize this some fresh new life.

One of the biggest causes of boredom in a game like this is stagnation. And in my experience and I’m sure in the experiences of others, stagnation can be solved by other players as you get introduced to new ideas, new perspectives, and when you make friends, you want something to do to hang out together.

Anything to get players to move around, and outside of their bases and running into each other is a good thing.


Alot of those could be …lack of better word. “Deeds” Throwing back to LotrO here.

You got Journey Steps, Add another Tab of Deeds that use those counters.

LotrO has them split be region. CE could keep collect 100 berries, get a Sun Hat with berrys on it, or placeable basket with berries for home deco.

You could make a good sample of clothing/weapon(skins)decos to attached to decent list of “Deeds” Kill 100 of insert enemy, 10 of insert boss, collect 100 berries, whack 100,000 of plant fiber etc. XD

edit Spelled counters wrong… c after the o… and ya… way to go swear word checker… really…


I like the idea of using the challenges for upkeep :slight_smile:


Yeah, having the challenges be used for something would be cool. But, honestly, I’d still be happy with them if they were just a standalone that gives nothing at all - just the challenges in themselves - that seems like added value in its own right. The upkeep idea certainly has merit, if Funcom wanted to do a bit more work to re-use the system (maybe not a huge amount, but probably slightly more than just re-using the old system without linking it to anything) - and ‘re-purposing’ rather than just ‘re-using’ might forestall at least some of the claims that it would be evidence of ‘maintenance mode’ (‘they can’t even be bothered to do new things, just recycle old stuff’ etc etc - although, even re-purposed there’d probably be some of that, so maybe better to not worry about…)


Sure, let them have some pittance in game reward. Perhaps a supply satchel or such.

This one objects in the strongest possible ways to tying decay to whatever arbitrary tasks get assigned.
There are several reasons but this one will focus on two.

  1. Clucking around with the decay system is always a recipe for disaster.
  2. How do we propose to tie an account based system (the challenges) to a server based metric (decay)? This gets even more fiddly when we look at private servers with variable decay rates.

There are other issues, like why the cluck does this one have to apply sunder, poison, and bleed to a mammoth to keep their volcano base active and other issues that basically boil down to do this innane busy work or lose your builds.


It would be really easy to put some quick rewards on the old BP system, e. g.:

Green: Level 1 Resource box (as from bearers)
Blue: Level 2 Resource box (as from bearers)
Purple: Level 3 Resource box (as from bearers)
Gold: Fragment of Power

Temporary buffs would also be cool. Farm 100 rocks, get a +50% rock farming bonus for 1 h and so on. But easier to implement are some simple boxes.


Clucking around with any critical system is always a recipe for disaster if you’re not careful and don’t test it properly. Given Funcom’s track record, yeah, I agree with you on this :smiley:

Simple: change it. Recording the progress of your challenges does not have to be account-based.


Maybe they could add it as an optional way to earn in game currency. Either gold, silver or obolus coins.


Love this idea @DanQuixote! Conan Exiles needs more end game loops, and this is a large part of the reason why I did not want us to lose the battle pass. I would really like to see the challenge system remain active, even if we do not gain gleaming rewards for doing so. I will not digress too much, but I am still hoping we qill get a prestige mode one day too.


This one shall prognosticate…
This one sees…
And not the sassy Latverian sovereign.

They go in to readjust challenges and tracking, and poof! Magically everyone’s “earned” Battle Pass rewards from previous chapters disappear.


That’s really not how I would expect them to have implemented it, but nothing would surprise me too much at this juncture.


But hey, we’ll have the other colour versions of the BP rewards in the Bazaar and that would create incentive to buy them


I was thinking something similar to what @Khaletohep suggested, yet i really like your idea as well @Lucidique.
I would love the challenge system to focus on dungeons and hard bosses like rockslide for example, things out of grind if you’re getting me here, and give extra gold rewards because you did it “alone” or lower lvl than you should but again “alone” !
Or even allow us to construct and fix the challenger tattoo so these challenges would be activated!


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