Old Beit Bones [Mission]

Hello all, I was hoping for any help here. I am doing the Jobe Scientists missions and am in Scheol with Dr, Jones. I advanced the mission to going into the dungeon and getting the Old Beit Bones. I quickly found them and mission advanced and I foolishly did not read the description carefully and returned to the Doc without picking them up. Now I am stuck with not having the bones to turn in, and not having access back into the mission playfield (apparently the key disappears on update). The doc gives me no other options but turn in the bones or say goodbye. I petitioned this yesterday, but I have no idea if the system is still manned. I am returning after a long absence and am just doing missions I have never attempted.

Thank You.

The petition system still works, but response times are quite long at times (24h+).

I would recommend deleting your mission, and then talking with Dr Jones. He should give you the mission again, with a new key.

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I can’t believe I didn’t try that. It worked. Thanks a bunch Saavick!

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