'Old' Character with Gathering in Crafting Book?

I played this game when it first came out over 10 years ago and, I am something of an ‘Altoholic’ with several characters from back then. So, when I got back into the game in the last few months I created a few new characters to re-learn the game.

However, when looking at the old old characters today, I noticed that one had a Gathering tab in its crafting recipe book. Having piqued my interest I researched crafting to discover that there is no reference to a ‘Gathering’ crafting skill (it has a recipe to craft something).

Is there someone who has any knowledge about what appears to be this anomaly?

Many thanks. :smiley:

The Gathering tab in the crafting recipe book is for particular recipes which require you to have trained in “skinner”, “weaver” or “woodcutter” gathering skills in order to learn/craft them … such as Rawhide which is purchased from an NPC resource zone vendor, or “Mottled Cane” which randomly drops off the Troglodyte Boss in Atzels Approach at the Ivory Dale location.

Aah, … that makes sense, thank you. :smiley:

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