Old Forum threads


Hi there,
On the old forums there was a plethora of useful information. If I do a search on the new forums for e.g. tigress it says no results found.

Is it true that all the hints and tips over the years have been lost for ever? Can someone please guide me if I am doing something wrong?




Not sure whether logging in and searching still works, but browsing surely does.


The old forum requires a log in to search, but I wouldn’t recommend that, since the archive is plain http rather than https. It may not even work anymore.

You can search using google like so though:


sad to see the old forum taken down, spent like 15-16 years or so there.
i dont fully understand why they wanted to make a new forum since they dont plan to invest more time into anarchy online.


something happend with the old forum; at least for me it doesn’t show what it used to show you. it looks weird now.


Weird in what way? It looks exactly as before to me.


I hope it’s allowed in this thread to post a screenshot:


Is this Screenshot from a mobile device ? if so, then the Forum Skin is Mobile view optimized.


no it’s not mobile. however it’s fixed by clearing cookies :slight_smile: