Old MB question

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What’s going on at Tara? Are one or two multiboxers controlling the spawn? I don’t doubt you on this. Screenshot them at Tara and post it to reddit?

Are a handful of multi’s controlling PVH, McNugget, Pest etc? Again, some screenshots would be nice. PM me the screens if you don’t want to release them .

This guy is just looking for excuses and most probably didn’t even reach the content he is talking about.

Tara is not controlled due to multiboxing but because people like him don’t have the balls to fight punk. We took it from them once and we will do it again. But people like him just talking makes it harder. Punk is playing very well and that the reason they have a monopoly right now and not because they multibox there.

The pest, pvh etc. are not camped at all. I kill them whenever I am bored and there is almost never someone. Same goes for merc spawned them 4 times in one week. MB in SL is less bad than on rk two months ago. Whatever I want to farm I can farm. Inferno is still kind of dead.

The multiboxers can’t even keep up with the content right now and most are stll wearing imps. Not really a threat. They got lazy.

Ever thought about joining a proper org? Cause to be honest I still don’t understand in what way mulriboxers are harming you. Or tell us exactly what are they farming what prevents you from progressing. A 6 man Team can easily beat 1 guy multiboxing but that should almost never be required.

Edit: what loot do only multiboxers have access to? What is being sold on tradenet? Cause to be honest there is almost nothing worth spending money on…

Multiboxers looks silly. It feels cheatish.

But I don’t care, I ignore them and play on. Someone say they see multiboxers “everywhere”, but honestly I must say I don’t really see them that much.

Try to think that they contribute to keeping the game alive and move on (I have a suspicion these guys buys a hell of a lot of Funcom points).

They ain’t gonna be banned.

You are full of sh*t Prokon…
Im talking about 6 man team camping a single Dyna in SL or RK, instant doing way more damege then you could ever do, taking loot that way.
How is that fair? Explain to me? How is it fair to not be able to camp a mob to do PB’s? because one with MB can come with 6 toons in ql 100 implants and do way way better then you?
Dream on and stop trying to defend your MB that on any other MMO server is never allowed exactly because of this.
It kills the whole point of team content.
It kills the whole point in trying your best to learn mechanics and farming.
How can you say you learn mechanics when you have 1 enfo 1 doc 1 engy 1 soldier 2 mps ? They provide healing and damage that even a monkey could learn to play.
Put all on 2 hotkeys and press tab and Q.

Did you answer one single of my questions? Which dyna? I am pretty sure I am one of the most active people and I never see someone at dynas…what is it that you can’t do? I ask very clear questions.

You are just one of these persons complaining for the sake of complaining

BTW multiboxing is allowed in a lot of games, but using software to simulate keystrokes isnt.

I think having a discussion with you is not possible and pointless. You have ur irrational hate agenda and that’s it.

The problem isn’t that people are multiboxing. People should multibox. The problem is, is what happens when they do in AO. I am merely going to refer to raid content and will address open world encounters at the end.

You have three groups. Group A doesn’t want to do PvM content but will if they have to. Group B wants to do PvM just because. Group C can, will and does PvM content (or whatever) with their multiple accounts for monetary gain. Group C obtains items for their characters solo, any left overs they sell to Group A. Group C continues to do this to make monetary gain for the market that exists. Group B wants to do content but because Group C exists it makes it difficult to find people to do the content with since now you can just buy all of your end game gear. Group A and Group B resort to buying end game gear from others who will do the content. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the only people who sell nodrops are MBers, but with how AO is in regards to nodrop loot, anyone can sell and anyone can buy.

This problem increases dramatically with a low population and further evolves into something worse.

Without going into too much detail as to what group buys and what group sells to other players, lets all agree that the selling of nodrops exists. THIS IS THE PROBLEM. No raid group should be able to sell the loot that was dropped on their raid that they attended to another player that did not attend that raid. This undermines everything that AO is built around.

If you are unsure of what I mean I will give a quick run down. AO was conceived when no one knew what the hell they were doing with MMOs. The MM in MMO truly meant massive multiplayer and games made during this era took it to heart. A lot of content is group content. It is faster to progress in a group than it is solo. It is safer in a group than it is solo. AO is no exception.

AO is about grouping with others and getting gear and leveling up. The best/sought after gear is in raids and that is when people should be grouped. Ever since instancing this mechanic (grouping for content) has been bypassed and is a hindrance to those that want to actually do the content. Why should I invite that guy over there that needs/wants to do this raid content? That means I lose out on profit, nope I am going to go multibox solo/with my farm team.

What I am trying to get at, is that AO’s raid system/loot system or whatever you would like to call it that deals with raid loot is old and needs to be overhauled. It needs to inhibit the selling of loot, it needs to force people to group and do the content, it needs to be more modern. Yes I realize that selling of raid loot in other games still happens and it very well could in AO with an overhaul. But it will make it more difficult as opposed to me logging on and watching the message come up saying that “XYZ loot” is for sale without me having to put in any effort or time in obtaining it. Even if you paid a group to raid the content for you, you would still have to be in attendance.

As far as open world goes. This is Anarchy Online and from day 1 it has always been, if you or your group can do the most damage to a mob, than that loot is yours. Whether its 1 guy with 6 accounts or 6 guys with 1 account each, if you lose at ODing than you shouldn’t complain you know the rules of the game, and if you didn’t you know now.

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Yes, this would be a great solution to make raiders only one who can loot that loot.

That way we would have people actually doing raids, and taking time to get stuff on lvl-ing toons. Instead med suit /follow till 200+.
Just because they can enter and raid for items with other toons

Prokon in what world have you lived?
Come Rk2019 and see who does Nippy, who does that? Only MB.
Tara…ton of MB people there.
Lets take a stroll to Mercs…what do we find there? MB.

Also use of third party programs? Check Snatching Soul Dredge, being camped for more then 20 hours by same person with a illegal program. And before you say it was not, let me tell you i spent a few hours in three different occasions just looking at him. His toon does the exact same mechanical thing. Sits in sneak, comes out the second boss pops loots goes back in sneak (in the exact same spot…he wont move 1 inc left or right to the spot he stays…that is mechanically impossible to do it for 20 hours to always go back to same spot to go back in sneak in there).
So please tell me what FC does about this?
And yes I did petition and had 0 answers.
Like how i mailed more then 1 month ago about exploits, following instructions on the forums and in 1 month not even one reply to the exploits…

Really FC moderators flag this because it states truths that we all know but they don’t want to hear about it?
Ok no problem, but please tell me what exactly you didnt like in my post so I can remove it?
What did you find so unbearable or what did I say that was against the EULA?
Just pleas point it out so I know what I need to learn and improve in the future.

I do agree that excessive multiboxing is not good and it can be super frustrating if a mob you want to farm is taken by 3 toons from the same guy standing there.

But what take from this is that your main problem is that you didnt find the right content to farm.
You complain about nippy being farmed by mbs, but what would actually change if they ban mbers? can you farm it solo? because if you had a group it shouldnt be a problem to deal with the mbers with their ql100 imps and only one guy controlling all of them.
an with mercs, its a mob you spawn yourself which can take a very long time, my org just had a few raids there and i didnt hear mbers being a problem there.

Also with sould dredge being farmed, thats a bot farming it, not a multiboxer-problem and should be banned.

im fairly skeptical when it comes to mbers too and dislike the use of 3rd party progams to controll them
but if im honest, they dont impact me that much anymore and, well, they do pay for those accounts

Very funny that you mention nippy:)
xD You are so hilarious dude you have chosen the perfect example that clearly shows that MB is not an issue.
Only person as far as I know having it on RK19 is an orgmate of mine and he has only 1 account.
He farmed it together with another doc from our org. So two individuals…WOW MAGIC
I myself killed nippy several times with only 1 Engi. When someone came and they saw me they simply left or asked me to message me when i am done.

Are we playing the same game? Do you talk to people or only assume the worst? Im very confused. Even after several of your posts none of them shows one example of a MB preventing you to get stuff, although thats the entire point of your thread.

Furthermore sould dredge being farmed is not an MB issue. That means you dont even know what you want to complain about. Is it bots, is it Multiboxers or is it people having more friends than you and doing content you cant? Also Tara is not an MB problem, have you ever been there? You can do it with 6 people. And Punk doesnt bring that many MB there. It is not them preventing us from raiding it but people like you.