Old player comming back to the game... WTF?

why do enemies hit liek TRUCKS???
what happened to this game im stuck farming darfaris until lvl 60 cuz everything hits like a mother fkin truck


Darfaris were buffed. Just upgrade your gear or, even better, get a legendary weapon and they’ll melt like wet paper.

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I discovered today that creature’s that were ripping myself and thralls apart the day before update are doing less damage to my character and dispatched faster. @ArnoldSchwarzenegge

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i dont know im referring to like 3 years ago. i used to go to pirate ship at lvl 20 and i was fine
now im lvl 46 and i get 2 shotted by braggi the bold WTF???

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A friend who had not played for over 2 years came back to us on our private Siptah server today because he doesn’t have Siptah to join us on official was being decimated didn’t realize attributes had been changed to zero finally found him got him back in the clan. He had to go back to work find out tomorrow how things are going for him

Taking less damage today on official Siptah than before the last update.

on the plus side the mammoths are killable now for the longest time in the age of sorcery it felt like the mammoths had more HP or were just tanker than dragons even with legendary weapons but now a lot of enemies are invisible now and random buildings and placeables suddenly losing stability and disappearing with no fix yet and the bar with Conan is still missing all the furniture. i guess Conan did not like the beer and broke it all :laughing:

Enemies hit harder but have lower hp. Kill a spider, get a legendary, if you are struggling.

Much has changed.
Enemies hit harder, but so do we.
Stamina use and recovery is also much more rocket tag.

It takes a bit of getting used to.

Also, Thralls have had several rounds of nerfs. It may be best not to take them anywhere until you are used to the new flow.

And, as mentioned above, be certain you have spent your attribute points and acquired perks.

well i a game where you often aggro 4-5 mobs at once, the overall damage buff is a disaster

Don’t worry too much, they nerfed the leash distances, so mobs can’t go far and forget quickly.

There was also noise about a future AI modification to limit the number of enemies that can agro on you at once. Something like 3?

Overall, once you get the hang of the current system, it’s exceptionally easy. Enemies die in maybe three hits, and if things look bad, just run, they forget you exist in a couple seconds.
You can also roll spam nearly as infinitum.

But if it is not to your tastes, that’s understandable.
This one also has issues with the current pace and balancing. Especially as Darfari are now top tier damage dealers.

Yep. And why I suspect this Forum’s gonna be exploding with shrieks if/when, based on all the feedback in here, FC make further adjustments to NPCs/Thralls - and within the next two segments of AoW Chapter. Many private and solo servers have already had/get adjusted all the time to keep the ‘challenge’ real, or easier.

If you’re struggling due to high enemy damage, let me introduce my beloved perk Steel Thewed.

You need 20 attribute points in Grit, but with no armor, even the Arena Champion needs a full combo to kill you (combo during which you can roll away)

Edit: That being said, damage over time like Bleed or Poison, as well as multi-hits (either some specific bosses’ attacks, or if you aggro 10 skeletons) will just screw you up.

Then yeah as others mentioned rolling is more free than ever at the moment, so investing points in Agility is a really good idea, especially if you go all the way and pick Rolling Thrust which is overpowered right now.

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Regardless of how this one feels about the current system…

When does the forum not erupt with shrieking when anything changes?

While this one may find it more or less justified in different circumstances…
It’s a given that any change will elicit a bombastic response.

The larger issue, as this one sees it, is the paid beta status the game has re-entered.
The line between update and re-invention shouldn’t be a thin one.

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