Old player (game player, not 'good with ladies' player) back to look around

Long ago, my wife and I played then moved on to real life. She passed away recently and in a bit of nostalgia, I have been toying around with logging in. Finally did it. I can’t get access to her old account but that’s not what this post is about.
Took a bit of reading but I finally figured out what RK2019 was about. Great idea, honestly. Made a quick toon and re-lived the backyard experience. Arrived in Tir BY10 this time, back in the day ('03), both my wife and I arrived in Tir BY1 amazingly.
On regular RK, I like the noob experience now. Arete (?) is a great way to refresh the memory on how things worked though some familiarity would have helped. It was a bit tedious at first but I understand why. Got a pair of original electroniums and felt a rush of nostalgia.
Of course, I went Doc. I played wife’s doc account for a long time and absolutely love the class.
Anyway, just rambling. Happy to be back. Can’t wait to leave the noob area to fill up on some real nostalgia.


Sorry for your loss. I am experiencing that myself. Using my wife’s tunes also. Conan-Exi


Condolences to you both. And welcome back. :mending_heart:

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Welcome back.

If you haven’t already I suggest hooking up to the Anarchy Online channel on Discord. It is very active and is nowdays the main hub for communication between players outside of the game.