Old player having problems returning / logging in


I’m having issues logging into my old account.
I have bought 2 months of Premium, but in my account page it still says:

" Membership Status

Cancelled will not auto-renew"

Also - does my client login mirror my Funcom login? I could use some help here.


Hi there,

Sorry for the confusion with our account system! A “cancelled” account means we cannot bill you automatically; you’d need to manually reactivate your account if you wish to continue your premium membership. It does not close your account nor cancel/deactivate any current premium membership time.

Your client username/password MAY DIFFER from what you use to log in to the account page. Typically they’re the same, but if you change the game password it may take up to 15 minutes for the changes to take effect.

If you have any specific questions about your account, please message me directly. Hope that helps!

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Hi Andy,

Thanks for your help with this. I am still finding this really confusing…
How do I manually reactivate my account? I also now cannot locate the area in the account page where I can change the in-game client password.
Sorry about this!

if you ever want to play the game absolutely do not change your password for the in-game client.

If you go to your account page at account.ageofconan.com you should find this part in the middle:


Click on “Reactivate” to enable auto-renew/billing.

If you go to change your password on the account page, it now simply updates both your website and game passwords. Again, just remember to wait ~15 minutes after changing the game password before logging into the game with the new password.

This is some good information Andy. Are you saying that the website and game passwords will always be the same going forward (after any password update)?


If you lost your password and receive a password reset from https://register.funcom.com/lostpassword, this temporary password does not change your game password. It only works for the account webpage, so attempting use this password for the game will not work.

Once you can log in to your account webpage and update your passwords, then your passwords for the site and game should match.

Otherwise, if you change your password from your account webpage (account.ageofconan.com), it should update for both the site and the game. Again, it can take up to 15 minutes for the changes to take effect in the game, so if you immediately attempt to login to the game with your new password after changing it, it may not work.

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Why do you have two different account web sites with different functionality between them? It’s very confusing for individuals such as myself to navigate between them in an effort to give Funcom my money.

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Hi Andy.

I have already bought 2 months of the 1 month Premium Membership via this button, but the status still states “cancelled will not auto-renew”.
This is basically what I am finding confusing (as well as the login password)…


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Hi @t00t, let’s talk in direct messages as I can’t talk about account details in a public space.