Old player returning,i have some questions

Back when i had a pc,i left my age if Conan account in crom server with a tempest of set lvl 79 or so. It was more than 5 years ago.

I have questions related to the age of Conan game.

I plan to buy an Asus rog Ally console for play games included age of conan because i have an Xbox series but i am not a fan of survival games like Conan exiles.

Do you think this Game Will run well on Asus rog Ally?

Also,i will start a new cimmerian dark templar character,how is the actual state of dark templar? Back in 2010 the game was uncompleted with a lot of bugs.

I want to know the bàsic skills of the dark templar,but i also want to know if you recommend me to start to conan exiles on my Xbox series and play as a tank with 0 experience on survival games like Conan exiles,what i want is to be zingarian follower of mitra,tank if possible.

Ty for clear my doubts in advance.

Age of Conan and Conan Exiles are very different games. Last time I was on Conan Exiles they didn’t have classes, you were just whatever race you picked and off you went.

For AoC; I’ve taken 2 Dark Templers to 80 and the class plays great.

Im sure it would run okay performancewise. Aoc has many abilities tho, i hope you can keymap all u need