(Old) Rubi-Ka - A ghost Server - Thankyou FunCom


Dr.Manhatten, sounds like many is ageinst this new server so you should have allot of people to play with then on the old. LOL!

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You will see what will happen with the new Server when the casuals leave. And then you have a empty old too because people like me got rekt by FunCom. You will see.



i bet 95% subscribed 1 month for new server so next few weeks will show is there 30 man totw raids hehehe. and i dont mind low population on old server. i multibox all content (poh, db3 too) nobody buys my dreadloch loot? i loot on alts.



its mostly unlikely, that people from rk2019 go back to rk5 or even start new on that old server. why should and why would they do that? there are so many people that re-subbed after many years. there is no point for them to go back to old server. they would invest as much time there to get their chars geared as they need on rk2019 now. and now they can progress with the full server population. not alone in the dark, trying to catch up. old server will never get the population back, unless they merge in some years. thats for sure. so come and play rk2019 or stop crying. future is now. change.

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I love AO. It’s a game that I have been coming back to intermittently for over 15 years now, yet I only have 1 paid account and only a few max level chars and a few maxed out froobs.

I hate RK19, I’m either bored to tears playing it, or worse I’m reminded that even in this game A-holes exist. I have been trying to force myself to play it for days, but I just can’t. After an hour I’m either sleepy or rolling my eyes over something stupid. Like this guy today who was deleting Guardian Boards so people who didn’t participate in kill wouldn’t be able to “leech”.

Petty thing, but I don’t play AO to be reminded that people do this crap.

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get an org then maybe… helps on teams, content, fun, chat, etc etc… allways something to do.

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Dunno why my ability to quote another post comes and goes on this forum, but whatever:

@ Alezander

I heard that too in chat today.

I’ve also been playing AO intermittently since 2001.

I can assure you that I’ve heard worse than that. Like an org mate getting ganked by people camping reclaim terminals in a PvP zone and killing newbs over and over again.

Mean people suck, ya know? And they are all over the internet.

Unlike you, I haven’t played as much since then and rarely lasted more than two months because there was nobody to play with if you aren’t max level. And orgs are pretty much not interested in recruiting people who aren’t hardcore and max level.

The popularity of the new server is a testament to that.

Keeping you comfortable in your bubble isn’t profitable for Funcom, and having played many an MMO that no longer exist which I miss a lot, like Asheron’s Call, Dark Ages of Camelot, Stars Wars Galaxy, Horizons, Earth and Beyond, City of Heroes, EQ Landmark, etc., I can appreciate devs who try something else to keep their game alive. And if I like the game, as I do AO, I will try to support them, as long as it’s fun.

If it’s not fun, I leave after a two months or so of trying to find the fun. I’ve been unwinding my EQ2 obligations as I type this, but will surely give them another chance if they survive.



Oh, ok, my bad, the quote function exists only after you reply, unlike the majority of forums I’ve posted on.

Whatever. I’ll never be able to remember that. I play too many games, and post on their forums to be able to remember each of their quirks.

Testing how this forum’s mechanics work, but also to expand my point, by quoting what I said in another thread:


While typing this, my AO character was active in game. My level 20 fixer, born today (and so has sucky skills to my old eyes- no implants yet, because it makes much more sense to buy useful Composite skills), was outside of the mission she just completed. Another player came by, so I cast my baby fixer’s long HoT and run buff on her.

She thanked me, then cast a bunch of buffs on me too.

THAT is what brings me back to this game above all others, although the original EQ allowed that too, but is very tedious to solo, and EQ2 does not enable at all, except while grouped. And that behavior pretty much does not exist on the old AO server anymore, either. I’m guessing that’s because it’s assumed you don’t need.

But the fact that it does on the new server is fun.


Um, ok, so I don’t get how to use the Blockquote feature. But just wanted to point out that I’ve run into a LOT more nice, helpful people on the new server in the past few days than I’ve encountered on the old server, by a wide margin. Toxic chat notwithstanding.

You reap what you sow. I get that you were comfortable as it was, but Funcom isn’t a charity.



It’s all about money… They don’t care if we played 14 years or not… like I did…supporting other players and leading so many raids… all they want is money… hopefully player wake up and see that crap because in 2 months rk19 has the same problem like the old server. NO I don’t wonna say old server because it’s the one and only server for me



You people with your one track minds…
All blaming Funcom… you know, the players on the old servers didn’t have to leave for the new server… but I don’t see you placing any blame on them. LOL
This game has been dead a long time, so, how do you kill that which is already dead? :smile:

Anyway, I played a lot from 2001 - 2009… now I’m back cause the idea of a fresh start interests me. If you don’t like it, just cry about it more. Because you know everyone will stop what they are doing in order to hear your pleas for mercy. :stuck_out_tongue:



Well, no



Well, yes
look at how alive RK19 is and compare it to how RK5 looked prior to the new server. I logged in several times over the years just to peek at the community, and it was abysmal. so, yes… long dead.

For instance: if you ever go into a bar and there are like three people and think to yourself… man this place is dead. yea… that is RK5, even prior to RK19



RK5 has been dead for years



thats why everyone runs multiple accounts. to get something done without many humans involved :stuck_out_tongue: on rk5



You are forgetting that in the new server everyone is playing at same RK lowbie leveling areas. Old server, people were split between RK, SL, AI, LE and at all level ranges.

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I was activating a second account for 19 and figured I’d go figure out what I had where on the old server just in case I wanted to play there. No point reactivating the account with one broke newbie toon rather than the one with some assets. EVERY time I logged in other than a toon that was literally in the middle of no where, I found people every time I logged in a toon. The few times I said anything I got friendly interaction.
Don’t get me wrong, I agree that the old server is probably never going to recover. I think that is what they are testing, if they offer a fresh start and it’s not free, will there be enough activity to make it worthwhile or is it time to pull the plug. The old server was probably a year or at most two from being a financial drain and they figured they should see what they could do. Between the economy, the proliferation of froobs that NEVER paid anything into the system and other issues, the old server was in a downward spiral from a financial point of view.
I consider myself a perfect example. I have always liked AO, but it’s a game I have taken long breaks from. I have mixed paid with Froob over the years and had been considering coming back but didn’t really want to deal with the economy and lack of people around my level (I never really leveled up to end game on my toons). The curve to get back into things was steep as hell for a busy adult. Ding my email with a notice about the new server and it prompted me to renew my grandfathered SL account and check things out. Then after a couple days I decided I really wanted the ability to run two toons, even if just to help with twinking and moving gear around, $15 a month isn’t exactly a big deal to me, it just has to be something I’ll actually enjoy and play. This got me to cough up the money and maybe I don’t stay long term, but at least a few months before something else in my life takes priority. So they get $20 a month until I get pulled away or bored, and with the new server that will probably take significantly longer than on the old one. I don’t feel like everything folks are doing and talking about is completely out of reach without turning the game into another job. I’m hoping I stick around quite a while, AO has a lot to offer and there is STILL no other game remotely like it.



Player think they can bring back the good old time… but that’s never happen… you have this feeling only ones and it never comes back… They force us to play on that crap server… just to hold player in the game as long as they could and the easyest way is just open a new sever… and forget about the old long player who make all to hold this game alive … Ty funcom



I know it feels overwhelming. But join an alliance guild on RK5 if you’re clan and I promise you can get to any point of the game you want with a bit of effort.



Yeah from the echoes I can see clan are pulling the pin far better than omni in rk5



Pretty much the same here. I tried it out with my SL account, which I’ve kept active since it’s only $5 a month, then reactivated my main account, which was created in 2001 and has all expansions.