Old save with Nemedian base build

Ok, so I have a character save in single player that I wanted to start playing again that has a Nemedian base build. Is there any way I can load that save w/o losing everything? I know it was supposed to have been fixed but when I load the save everything is in bags on the floors all over the base. Nothing survives. I backed the save up before loading so is there anything I can do to load the save w/o losing it all?

Not really. Must place down all the benches, decorations and boxes new.

You could try to pickup everything quick and store it in some spawned in vaults/boxes after loading the save again…

Is there any way to at least increase the time it takes for the bags to decay? I don’t imagine I can pickup much in the few seconds it takes bags to decay.

Nope no config options for lootbags … :frowning:

Well I guess I’ll never play THAT save again. It’s too bad, it was one of my best base builds.

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Yea can understand you. My stuff got wiped out as well through that issue.
But i don’t mind tbh, wipe myself with every chapter so it stays refreshing and can make new base builds.

Hello did They fix this bug? Are nemedian ceilings safe?

Greetings Exiles,

The issue was specifically with Nemedian block foundations. If you used ceilings and fence foundations it should be fine.

If you want to test it out, first back up the saved file. By doing so, you can replace the file later if things go south.

We hope all goes well. Have a good day!

YES if you are in admin-mode you can slow down the ingame time, BUT you will move slow too. So you should be fast to set the “slomo” to get more RL time for the bags and place a buch of chests after this without need to move. Then try to high your moving speed to collect all bags.

Good luck!

Interesting. I’ve not tried this myself but a combo of slomo, creative mode, and increasing fly speed might actually work.

Make a couple of copies of the game Db file.
Open first copy and, as suggested above, change all your settings to slow things down whilst you have a look to see what’s going to happen to the base.
You should get a quick idea of whether there will be carnage or not.
It’s a bit of a schlep, but it’s certainly doable.

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I really don’t understand why this is an issue. The save was made before the bug existed, my game is up to date, if the bug was fixed then by all rights as far as the save is concerned it should be as if the bug never existed. But here it is destroying almost everything in my base. It’s very frustrating.

Freezing time doesn’t help keep the bags around and there’s only so much I can grab before my inventory fills. If I stop to make chests and unload I run out of time. I can’t even tell what’s lost because the event log doesn’t report it. If it did at least that I could use admin to replace what was lost. It reports that things lost stability and were destroyed but it doesn’t report the lootbag items when they decay. The whole situation makes me angry.

Because it was not a bug causing the demolishing per se… but more like an adjustment to the pieces… old stuff built with it would lose stability since the bug was the incorrect size prior to that, which is no longer the case.

If you desperately want your save back you can upload the DB somewhere and when I have some time, I can take a look if you want :man_shrugging: no promises


Not desperate just annoyed. I really feel bad for folks who were on official servers who lost years of effort to this. I don’t normally use admin very often but I can at least do that to get my stuff back. Those poor folks didn’t have that option.

I’ll just have to determine what will be easiest to replace via admin and save what would be hardest to replace. It may take several reloads of the save to get it all noted to organize my replacement strategy but that’s what I’ll probably do if I decide to actually make an attempt to keep the save.

You should set the time at “slomo 0” to STOPP the time as fast as you can after login. Then your bags should be save. You still can place chests around you in creative mode but you can NOT move while “slomo 0”.

Because “fly” and walk speed + from the admin panel does not work too while “slomo 0” cuz time does not exist perhaps try to “ghost”. Or perhaps you can teleport in time freeze to the bags, I don’t know but when you have placed a buch of chest before you put “slomo 1” (normal time) again, you have 5 oder 10 minutes to collect all bags into the chests. Just fill them up with everything you get and run again to every bag. I think in 5-10 mins you should get everything.

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I haven’t seen anything called “slomo”. Is this in admin or is it a console command?

It’s a console command. I’ve not tried decimal version of slomo so not sure if 0.1 or even 0.01 would work or if it has to be full integers.

Honestly, you could use the time spent here to spawn the stuff you lost. Others were not as lucky to have this option and they had to deal with it.

Yap it is a console command. And as I said, you can not move or fly with “slomo 0” so the movement+ (this is from the normal admin panel) will not work to speed you up.
You have to place your chests while time freeze, after that you can try to set “slomo 0.1” or whatever between “slomo 1” and “slomo 0” AND set your movement+ up that you can run faster while time runs low. I never tried this together so good luck!

I don’t want to just spawn in a bunch of junk. I don’t want to spawn in any more than I actually had. I can’t do that without knowing exactly what I had. I’m trying to play a straight game here. When I play in single player I use the same settings an official server would have. And yes, I’m well aware of what others have lost, which I’m sure you noticed if you read my earlier comments.

@LostElf Thanks I’ll give that a try.