Old veteran tokens are now useless?


I came back with saga after many years and I found out a lot of changes, included this one: I had lot of veteran poins which I could buy social stuff, even mounts, They are still visible in the list of tokens (pity I can’t upload image as new member of forum so you could see) but now I see they became useless because social vendors accept only token of glding… is there a way to convert it somehow? When ingame I ask someone about these veteran points it’s like if I’m speaking arabic…
Why it was not added some sort of conversion to gilding let’s say 10 vet points for 1 gilding or something like that?


the vendor is disabled on saga, they still work on crom/fury

and no, you cant convert


Why thank you Funcom, nice one to welcome back old people…


They were disabled probably because of the fact that you can buy imperial insignias as well as things like advanced riding training, so someone could slam insignias in and get rank 4 in a faction or four in a single day. So it was disabled to “make it an even playing field”


seems logic
sorry my bad I didn’t see in Crom/Fury still works, so Funcom didn’t forget us:)


Another big reason for having Veteran tokens disabled was to further drive people into the item store to buy things like mounts and bag space.


While social and mounts are on other vendors the vet vendor still has some useful stuff on it. Mainly the various ‘port to X’ purchases. This will allow you to add a port to each big city and other useful spots.


Yeah, sadly the “level playing field” excuse doesn’t work when you have a cashshop full of stuff to make it uneven. It is a business though i suppose :wink:


In some ways, it is a more level playing experience. People are forced to all start at the same point, and they all have access to the same item store.

Things like Veteran rewards are not available to brand new players today.


@Piankhi I find your comment sad. Giving the whales an advantage in place of long time loyal players?

It was the level playing field comment by the developers to justify taking away things from players to then turn around and offer it for sale again a bit distasteful.


I believe it was done purposely and that the server was meant to be a large cashgrab on their part. Hence the disablement of claims and vet-token vendors. They then dangled the 200% raid token bonus in front of people, the new sub offer (Which, btw, you cannot claim the sub offer pet and mount on your saga toon until after the saga is over), and left the cash shop open, knowing people would buy gear packs and mounts. And it seems to have worked.

Certainly most people have seen the server for what it is, but the company has done more distasteful things in the past, so it’s not a surprise.


And the blanket disablement of all our claims offends too.
How is it unfair or not a level playing field to have the vanity items that we have in claims available to us.
We know they can code to permit a claim to appear …this is what they did with the vanaheim scroll so people could access that zone that they have paid for. Also added in the Chinese New Year items and also the enthral fal kill vanity cloak.
More for me I’m frustrated that certain items I have paid for and have purposely not used …waiting for a situation such as this server where I will get most benefit from them are not available to me … such as five account bound expertise points …it would not be that game breaking or unfair that I could get them…
Or the bundle of paths that I purchased years ago … it’s petty to deny them from me.
I will not pay Funcom money for things I have on my claims … no bag…no mount…no more xp/aa potions (I brought one and didn’t find it helped very much so no more)… and I’m extending this to the loyalty item: second specialisation as I do not plan to have more than two on that character.


It is more than a bit distasteful. But all they care about is money.


I need more ways to get “Path to” !


I used them back in the days for the super fast horse, but now the PtW has taken over it.