Oldbies around? 15+ years?

played back in 2006 was with TRB (The Red Brotherhood) then found Midgar played to 2015 and left for 2-3 years and came back 2 weeks ago) xD


Damn AO still going :wink:

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Beta tests, then regular paid account since January 2003 - playing still, but had 2 major breaks (longest was 14 months). Now I am here and enjoyingh the game :slight_smile:

Made my first account in 2006, so I just about hit the mark. Yea, we’re still about, where else are we gonna be?

Since Beta, never moved. :slight_smile:

And founded Athen Paladins in June 2003; we’re still here and rocking. 16 years old org with many old-timers playing as well as new ones (yes there are new players).

MP 220, Born on Rimor, active
Founder and elected President of Athen Paladins


Been around since december 2004, paid since january 2005.

Been president of same org, aTrox Caelestis, since june 2005 (it was formed in february 2005). We have had a influx of returning old timers and the occacional new face.

President of aTrox Caelestis

Joined 10/2003, paid since 12/2003. Unpaid since 3/18 :frowning:

Same here, 15 years away, used to be Tulak of Elite Operations, now Tulax. Joined True Neutral who are a nice bunch of friendly players with 10 and more toons, so their interests are often a bit different then mine. I have been thinking of finding those like me who are back just for the nostalgia, taking it easy, doing stuff together, even a bit of RP. Send me a tell [anyone] if interested of making a [neut] org, starting from scratch, re-learning and re-discovering stuff and so on. :]

Started in late 2004, tailed off slowly between 2008-2010. Came back full time a couple of months ago.

Disodoctor / Tykki / Spdiso on Rimor, Bug Busters (Omni) and Divine Shadow (Newt).

Very pleasingly two other Bug Busters have re-subbed.

Prejudiced sounds like an old enforcer. I bet that is you. I know this thread was necro’ed but still nice to see old players. I am Herkulease, also played way back as Wantsumore. Today I am on Cosmicmayhem/Toba and a few noobs I usually lvl up and delete just to remake and keep things fun. A lot of people still play, but with the friends list being so… underwhelming it’s hard to keep track of people. I would love Funcom to upgrade the Friends list so an added friend would add ALL of that accounts toons unless it was requested not to as an optional setting. This would help keep the community close together and help retain players long term. Nice to see you again.

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Started Jan 2005 RK2, became paid Aug 2005 :slight_smile:

Only time I’ve taken a “long” break was for 2 months in 2011 or 2012, been too long to remember which one it specifically was.

Unfortunately I have rare screenshots from 2005-2007 as I was still thinking screenshot for the game was ‘Prnt Scrn’ as it was in America’s Army. Found out it was F12 in 2007 :frowning:

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Nuadha was born Jan 2005 on RK1 and joined Unity of the Rose 2 months later. I’ve been President of that org since Dec 2011. My game breaks have rarely been more than a few days.

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Well, well… Lots of old people here, and now that I read this thread and recognise a few names/most orgs from the replies I’m getting that itch again. And it rarely goes away without spending at least 6 months in the game :frowning:

Also hope my friends in TRB/Storm and Uor are still doing good even tho’ I doubt they play now. If anyone from Infinity reads this, I miss you all.

However I don’t think I’ll be coming back, unless as froob for the time being so I’ll be suffering the inflation alone.

Wow… 2001 :slight_smile:

It seems that I have some sort of love/hate relationship with this game. Auno stops to year 2010, but trust me… there been many “rerolls” after 2010 :smiley:

I still have MP somewhere, and going to play a bit when my vacation starts.

BTW is RK19 still alive?

Started around 3/2005 and still here. :wink:

Started in 2003 using friends accounts and 7 day trial codes, first paid account in 2005, still rocking!

i dont play that much anymore but i pop in from time to time…

Started in 2004 but had alts on my bro’s accounts as far back to like 02 or something


Started in 2004 or 2005, would have to check /born on my first character (I don’t delete characters) to be sure…

Yes, it’s still alive but slowly dying. Normal server is much more populated nowadays.

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Hi Old friend,

I’m just passing by the forums. I like to visit every now and then to see how AO is doing but I havent played ever since we played together. I hope things are well with you bud. I remember our old days in Tir Arena.

Godly / Ignoramus