Older Oceanic player looking for a PVP- Conflict Server

Hi, Im an older player with a family and a job. I like the realism of PVP but I don’t want to be offline at work and then log on in the evening and find Ive been raided by someone who spends 12 hours online.

I also cant be bothered with listening to people smack talking in global about what a p*ssy they are for not 1v1’ing them or something equally boring.

In short, Im just someone who just wants to play with mature people who like a bit of escapism after a hard days slog.

My advice is to seek out any of the private PVP or PVP-c servers. Most don’t allow raiding while you’re offline.

If you mean PvE-Conflict server (open world PvP allowed but no raiding) then Supreme Gaming offers an excellent server with 3x rates and leveling up to 300. Check us out on our sub-reddit

Thanks Jester, I’ll take a look