Olympus Exiles NeW PVP Server 2x

If u are interested for a brand new PVP Server with Active admin and common Sense Rules Then Join Olympus Exiles PVP Server EU x2 for PC
Discord Link
Direct Connect link

Our Rules

  1. No Griefing (killing lower level players in south river area, raiding same base several times in a week, bedroll camping etc).
  2. No offensive chat (e.g. racism, sexism, flaming etc - use local chat wherever possible, such as for PvP related communications).
  3. No land-claim spam (e.g. using foundations to claim an area in order to stop others building etc)
  4. No blocking off valuable resources / key areas
  5. No spamming the chat
  6. No bug abusing (e,g, ordering thralls/pets to attack players outside of raid time)
  7. Layer stacking is restricted to 10 layers maximum (this means that there must be no more than 10 layers of gates, walls, doors etc for an enemy to get through from the outside of your base to the inside).

Everyone Is welcome :slight_smile: