On Guild Brand Identity

Disclaimer: This is not directed at any specific guild, person or event. Do not take it as such. It is the culmination of my opinion that I have had for a long time, beginning at my beginning in 2014. This opinion has been in formulation for a long time.

Your guild is your brand. It is who you are, what you represent (at least in-game). NOW, afterall it is your guild and you are free to run that guild in any manner in which you like, as long as it abides by Funcom’s Terms of Service and rules.

But remember the actions of your guild will be a reflection upon all people in your guild and your brand identity. When your guild allows actions that are frowned upon by the majority of the community, it should give one pause.

If you chose to allow your guild members to engage in behavior that is considered “troll” or simply irritating, that is your right. It is your guild. If you allow pad campers, bullying, ganking, afking (without cause), cheats, rolling for the wrong loot, stealing pve kills, and so on (the list of commonly frowned on behavior is virtually endless), again that is your RIGHT.

But, also if you do allow these things, bear in mind the actions of your guild (even a few) can weigh very heavily upon your guilds name and reputation aka your Brand. If you are trying to grow your guild (brand), this does not seem like a good course of action.


If someone needs to read this to consider his guild’s code of conduct it’s already a lost cause :stuck_out_tongue: .Also “majority” of the community is very often so full of bullsh1t …

Guild identity isn’t a real thing anymore. Almost no one does in-house raids, sieges, or any other content as a “guild” anymore. I miss that era, but those days are now long gone.

Guild identity always held a larger significance in the pvp servers (rip.) Where rivalries and drama were a real thing. Your status as a guild was quantifiably measured and their worth judged by your actions and the communities response.

In Crom everyone is afraid to stir the pot, because they don’t want to be locked out of raids or lose their BKs.

It is why I have to give a measure of respect to EOS. For all their flaws they are the only guild on Crom that has an actual identity. Everyone else’s guild tags are all interchangeable.


Thanks for that compliment. If anything among my many many failures carrying a brand that makes people instantly generate heartburn is my version of Stygia.

I do miss the roleplaying which is one reason I’ve questioned why exactly I still play aoc. Mystygga and his friends really helped me reach this revelation. Prior to saga zath Tavio and I were having wars that lasted for hours and generated hundreds of stories. It’s been a year now. A little RP happened on saga zath thanks to war zones…


I hope that the brand is something people have enjoyed ultimately. I’ve always felt the true measure of a conflict is defined by the emotion wrought by the villian. At times we have had quite a formidable force.

That said since the sagas and disappearance of Tavio and Merano and so many of the other roleplayers to exiles there has been no one to really rp pvp with making the brand somewhat irrelevant. EoS isnt really a pvp guild or a PvE guild. It is all those things but first and foremost it’s a cultural guild and without a counter part (was hoping for something from BLR) I’m not sure what to offer.

Had hoped for a civil war style conflict but it doesnt seem there is much interest. Should the goal be toppling BLR/USB/Rocket battlekeeps? Pretty obvious they are not interested so why bother. Should the goal be t5? Not sure what would be special in that to be honest so many others do so and have done so. EoS doesnt even have enough rprs to do internal rp pvp.

Has the decadal run finally reached its finish?

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