On server 1307 ( PVP ) . Сlan ( Легион ) block black tower

I am writing to you on behalf of my humble clan, as we ran into severe issue on official server 1307. We made an attempt to venture inside the Dark Tower dungeon. Instantly on entering we were trapped inside a player made structure inside the instance. Player Alorin claimed the the Tower is closed for Covid-19 quarantine and offered to let us out if we begged. Having disregarded this we blew threw the walls to release our friends. What we found next was troubling, to say the least. After a bit of exploration we found a staircase leading to the other side of natural walls of the dungeon and there we found a chest to transfer items in and out from the mesh. The clan responsible is called “Легион” in russian (legion). is it the norm?

yes on the official servers its normal.

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