One-Handed Thralls Won't Attack

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [US]

I’m aware of the one-handed to two-handed thrall AI glitch, but this one is different. It only seems to be thralls with one-handed weapons. They eventually just stop attacking. Taking their weapon doesn’t fix them, but giving them a throwing weapon seems to get them to attack but weirdly will sometimes attack with their fists while holding the weapon after they’ve thrown the thrown weapon.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Give Thrall Follower one-handed weapon
  2. Fight for a while

Hello @Irkalla, does the odd behavior with throwing weapons only happen after they stop attacking with one-handed weapons, or is it consistent whenever equipping them with throwing weapons?

Does the throwing weapon in hand not disappear after he consumes all stacks?

Giving them throwing weapons to start with they will just throw them all until out and then attack normally until they break. One of the two follower thralls that broke never had a throwing weapon but instead had a sword and shield. His shield did break but taking it didn’t fix him. Only server reset fixes it.

Thank you for sharing further details, we’ll be sure to register this issue.

I’m getting similar issues. Not just one handed weapons but any. Thralls just stand and watch whatever they have in their hands. Tried giving them different types of weapons but this only started Sunday for myself AND my clan mate.

We are on a private server. Exile Challenge

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