One handed weapons issue

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No idea how to reproduce the issue. I have problems wielding one handed weapons (as in, I cannot at all). Before this would only last a couple hours…this last time it has lasted 3 days now. I cannot harvest anything unless I can pick it up, or utilize the legendary 2handed hammer that thinks it’s a stone pick (yayyy…10 per swing on a server I am set to get 110+).

This has happened across multiple servers, one player games, and both pvp and pve. How am I supposed to actually play if I cannot wield a hatchet, truncheon, pick, etc…cool. I can still kill things with a greatsword and explore…with limits.

Something to correct this issue would be appreciated. This is spanning all 4 servers I play on simultaneously at present.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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I am having the same issue. Out of nowhere though, it seems.

same here now i cant play at all it seems