One last time - Please

Makes me glad I’m on console. I see exploits (skybase) more than blatant cheats(speed hacks).

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And credit where credit is due, Funcom largely dealt with it finally. It took years but still did address it.

honestly an official server that has pay to play per month would be good , leave the private server out of that pay system. Also I cannot stress enough. Private server are much better to play on … find a good pvp server that has recommendation and play on that beside mods tend to upgrade the experience in character customization and utility in new things to play with.

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Absolutely leave private servers out of Official cost, completely agree.

It’s easy to lean on privates as the alternative but I also cannot stress enough that while they are a great option they are not the solution to hacks. They are a reasonable means of avoiding them.

I also, again, have reviewed all options. No private server currently available offers my preferred gameplay.

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honestly i prerfer the old style of duel of flagship rather then freeform raiding. just gets boths side prepard for it lol

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