One more basic skill question

Should it be slotted in left mouse slot? My primary is Pistol and i have controlled shot in left mouse slot which is a power skill.

I would say put on your mouse what you use the most as it’s the easiest to grasp.

You definitely do not want to put your Basic into one of the primary mouse buttons. You almost certainly will not be using it much. After just a little time you will likely be able to manage your Energy well enough to only need it for the most grueling fights.
A little tip:
If you haven’t already, an MMO Mouse makes a real difference in games of this kind.

Suggestion: Even a mouse wich is not designed for MMORPGS has some extra-keys like a clickable Mouswheel-button or maybe 2 Keys for the thumb (made for “forward” and “back” while browsing). I would suggest to use one of those keys. Works really good!

Its just about what you are comfortable with. Its not many key binds for abilities anyways, so most of the keys are easily accessible.

I have my basic bound to “1” and my main damage abilities bound to mouse left and right.

Thx guys and just one more question please
What about you secondary weapon. i made a gunslinger so right now i only use 1 skill for the shotgun Rocket shot. and its on my right mouse button. Should i move it?

Once again: Put the skills to the keys wich are the most comfortable for you! You will use the power-abilities most of the time so put them to mouse left and right ( should be most comfortable ) for example.
So the shotgun-rocket should be on the “proper” key.
But it alway depends on you and what you are most comfortable with!
The Power-abilities on Mouse left/right is a good default choice but not a law!

OK again thx guys for the help.