One more reason this game is lame



Created a toon on a random official PVP server. Grabbed my water skin and some bugs and started running to the river. Get to the end of the sand and there is a Black ice wall with anti-climb that extends from death wall to death wall. Total waste of my 15 minutes.


I’d say report it but there’s no point they never do anything to griefers or expoilters.

Just few more days until FO76


Which server


Word on the street is FO76 sucks, lol.

I would like to know which server also cause if you don’t tell us you are wasting our time, perhaps that was your intent all along.


I want to say 2652 but cant remember for sure. At work now so guess i cant look.


Be home arouround 4pm eastern and i will post the server then, if you want to know check post this evening.


Actually that sort of blocking gets banned
Of the bans I have seen done on official servers, blocking start area was the cause


West is Best server has a no build zone around the entire river. Had to get above the brimstone cave just to make a shack.

“Sauce for the goose Mr Savik”


Word on the street is everything sucks, until it doesn’t suck for you.
Word on the street is CE sucks, but we’re all still here, fully knowing that CE sucks.

Funny thing is, if F76 fixes all PvE problems that CE has… I wonder which sux more.

You see, games are like people. You can only choose the one with the right kind of flaws.


That is true about games being like people as i usually hear some mixed things about games as i am still reading up on FO76 and to see what happens as i can be considered on the fence for it since there are some things i felt that should have been in the game as well as well as some things that i feel that should not be as that is my opinion.

But that doesn’t mean i won’t stop playing CE as i usually rotate as to play some of the many games i love as well.


Yeah. F76 and CE actually complement each other quite well…

In F76 you got 400 lbs stash limit… in CE your storage capacity is limited only by the amount of real estate available to you to build chests and vaults.

The encumbrance build of CE puts F76’s constant encumbrance problem to shame.

F76’s anti-grief measures put CE to shame.


I still would like to know your server that you refuse to disclose so we can test some of these valid tactics you think are ok.


I love a good stalker, feel free to come to 1584 and build all the walls you want. If any bother me I’ll take them down. Maybe you can come raid me too, bring at least 3 friends.


heres a thought What if they changed Blackice to its duribility rate is determine by where it built. such as If built in desert area it durability lose is now per tick by 10 pts… but if built in winter places it at 0 lose as in no durability lose.

Thus would balance out for the easy cost of black ice. and the need to up cost the repair to super high… since Ice will melt.


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