One more server option on death (fits well into Age of War)

Dear Funcom, I know this has already been requested, but it’s been awhile and now may be a good time to bring it up again as you are reworking the DropEquipmentOnDeath server option:

Would you please add one more option in the new dropdown, which if selected will force character recreation on death? Whatever function the “Recreate Character” button calls, just call it automatically if this is enabled.

I’d really love to have this feature in the base game. Clicking the button on my own after death is not as satisfying. I expect it would be trivial to implement. And it fits well into the Age of War. Please consider it.


I don’t believe there is going to be a high demand for this. If you’re playing in singleplayer, where this would be optimum (to avoid deaths by crashing/internet latency). You can simply create a new character yourself.

Where the feature is needed, a multiplayer server is pretty sketchy due to server latency, crashes, power outages, etc. Even on servers where logged out characters don’t stay in world, you still have a presence if your internet suddenly goes down or there is a power outage. Because of that, not many people are willing to do a permadeath option.

Because the number of players willing to engage in this are low (and extremely so) I doubt there is going to be much effort put into this. Effort that requires a relatively new system to interact with players, as well as the UI elements to go with it. Then effort to test it.

I think the mod Lament has this function, but I’m not 100% sure as even the modding community doesn’t necessarily want to put much effort into this. If they have, its because of other systems allowed for its easy introduction.

But hey, let’s see if that isn’t the case, anyone who wants a permadeath mode should say so in this thread. I can’t say I’m a fan. I used to play in that mode in some action RPGs but got tired of having to level up friends’ characters over and over and just left it entirely.

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On a personal level, this one could see great utility for setting up iron man tournaments. Or have a server that gives death (which is currently mostly a joke if not a deliberate choice of discount teleportation) a real bite.
Or show those filthy casuals who is the boss (jest).

So, grand option. Would definitely support as an option.
Would be very interested in giving it a go on a PvE roleplay or PvP server. If there were a way to actually conquer someone else’s land claim, it has very interesting applications for PvE-C.

Should it be the default on publics? Probably not. Maybe have a tiny number of Iron Man servers with greatly increased xp and harvest rates, perhaps higher player damage dealt and reduced damage taken by just a bit, specifically as short term event servers or as casual intro servers.

Edit: As always, this one is under no illusion of speaking for the majority, or even a minority.
This one counts for only the three voices in their head who play this game, and they all share the same account, so that point is moot.


I expect you are right. I’m mostly requesting this for myself and perhaps a few other torture-loving souls out there.

I already do that, as I said earlier. It’s just not satisfying when not enforced by the game.

That’s the point here - the effort should be minimal. Age of War will introduce the UI anyway, the server will get new on-death hooks to check what to do with the character, and the “Recreate Character” button already has the functionality. It’s just a matter of linking those by adding one more on-death hook. Most of the work should be done in the Age itself.

I centainly hope if Funcom are to grant the request, they would do it in a way that doesn’t bother anyone who isn’t a fan. Just having the option for those who want it, is all I’m asking for. No need to add official servers with it or force it on anyone.


I would point out I’m not really opposed to the idea. I used to play such a mode in other games. It fell out of my taste after a while. I’m curious to see what interest there is.

I love the concept, but online official servers are too unstable to even try.
Having that option on the admin panel for single player or private servers with better hardware would be awesome! It’s a game changer. I really love the idea.
I played stranded deep with perma death always on and I loved it.

Let me just elaborate a bit why I love it.
Veteran players know how to breeze through the game. If you die, you get all your stuff back 90% of the times.
With this mode, stakes are much higher. You need to calculate your risks carefully before doing something crazy… we all know sometimes we take for granted that we won’t blunder something, take it too lightly and we die. So what? We know the map so well we can always retrieve our stuff and continue from where we were.
Turn perma death on and that changes overnight. Maybe I would feel a small chill down my spine when soloing a surge or facing a hard purge. Maybe I would pause before entering the Volary or the Wine cellar… that would be amazing. We’re jaded already. We die and we don’t care. So yes, I definitely support having the option available.

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I vote oppersite of you, I think equipped gear has to remain on character on death & everything else from inventory has to drop on death.
I am not very happy spending most of my game time farming endless hours of gear when all I should be farming is buffs / Healing / Building stuff.

I would never vote for recreate character on death due to lag & server performance.
Maybe for single player it is a good idea.

I think it is good on paper but would never work on server due to performance/Ping/latency etc

I think it is the perfect single player setting tho.

He wants it as OPTIONAL, for himself. A toogle in the admin panel. He NEVER suggested adopting this on official servers, nor has anyone else. :laughing:

I know, I am just highlighting early on thread because I think it also the oppersite direction many people wanna go.

This kind of hardcore I see no problem in, it is just important to highlight it where it can perform at its best.

You know we already have the option of not dropping loot on death on Single Player and private servers, right, @PowerCandy ?

This would definitely be an issue. If someone dies frequently, you basically have a handful more abandoned builds in the server since you lose access to your clan after recreating your character.

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While I agree that it will probably underperform online, I find this a weak argument not to have it implemented (especially with Age of War). Here’s why:

  • as everyone so far pointed out, it is a great option to have on Single Player
  • groups of friends could still enjoy it on private servers running on a fast local network
  • having it doesn’t harm anyone. If Funcom had introduced it silently, nobody would have noticed
  • it could attract new hardcore players to the game (I personally rarely buy an RPG that doesn’t have permadeath, Conan Exiles being one of the few exceptions because it’s just too awesome game not to play because of that)
  • it could be the foundation of awesome events - as LostBrythunian suggested above, it’s perfect for Iron Man tournaments (awesome idea!). Who knows what it could grow into? Conan’s community is obviously very creative. Maybe even Funcom can organize an yearly championship and charge the participants a fee, so they also benefit from the idea
  • people can try it on their private servers and if it lags too much, they can simply turn it off again
  • there are plenty of games where this works online, which means that one day it may also work for CE
  • a developer just patched that code with most of the required components. Giving it now to the same developer should not disrupt their work much and should be trivial to implement
  • too simple with too many pros and too few cons not to do it
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It should NEVER be default on public servers, by a lot of reasons I don’t need to specify. It should DEFINITELY be an option on SP and private servers.




Edit: Sure if people wanna make private servers with it.
Or I could make my own new thread and spam this already over threaded forum.
this post simply fit to what have come to my own ear more often than not & thought it would be perfect to add the comment as a counter suggestion, so that Dev’s can easier see that there are multiple wishes within their community.

Perhaps this could even be an option on a character by character basis on officials. When creating a character, you could tick an “Ironman” box, meaning your character would die permanently. Then we could see who can achieve the most with the single life they’ve been granted.

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This is also an interesting idea and it provides the same result in Single Player, but is unfortunately a much bigger patch. I’d really prefer they do the server option now so we don’t wait any longer.

They could implement this later, though.

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@Community Hey guys, any chance you passed this request along to the developers?

I understand it’s crazy now with the new age coming out soon, but it’s the perfect time for this to be implemented (if approved). I just don’t want the devs to hear about this months or years from now and say “Why didn’t you bring this up while we were working on it?! Too late now.”.

I think it would be a great option for dedicated servers. Why not? If you dont want to play with permadeath, then dont join those servers. More options are always goos.

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