One of a kind ''OP'' NODROP items locked behind yearly events

Lya’s Sangi
Desert Nomad
The tons upon tons of items that drop Halloween (Carrier crafts etc)
Reaper legs from this years halloween and similar items.

Items like these, who have no similar counterparts obtainable through normal gameplay and farming, atleast not for their level (im looking at u Reapers legs (200 req) vs DB legs (216?) being not only locked behind once or twice a year events (Yes yes lya and nomad pads are the same w/e) but also in certain cases being locked behind RNG walls within those one or two week events once a year (Reaper legs, farming Carrier crafts yada yada) is, IN MY OPINION, poor game design, and atleast for me personally has had a negative impact on my enjoyment of the game for years.

AO is a beautiful game for many reasons, and people enjoy different aspects of it. For me, and many others, creating or ‘‘twinking’’ characters to their limits is one of THE biggest reasons this game is amazing, figuring out that puzzle after hrs, days or weeks of headache.
Some like just being social, some like towers and PvP, and some like PvM and im sure a bunch of people like things about this game I havent listed here.

Making a new character, figuring out what you want to do, and how to do it, only to realize you need to wait half a year or sometimes more or less to be able to do it is not a great feeling.

Now, before im flooded with ‘‘LMAO nub just plan ur twinks a year ahead of time LULxd halloween is every year lmao #rekt #illbonkurctboii’’ let me say this;
People have different scheduals. They have different lives and jobs and things happen. Maybe this halloween you were away, maybe you had one of a million things come up that prevented you from spending 12hrs a day farming that one item youve waited a year to be able to farm to finally finish that character you made a year ago.

The point is, and again I stress, this is MY opinion, you may not share it, events in most games feature different activities, playstyles and content for a limited time, and many of them have great rewards. However, they rarely have very powerful items that have no similar counterpart or even close to similar counterpart obtainable in any other way, form or shape ingame, like AO does. It’s often reskins, social armor, fun gadgets or similar stuff and sometimes the content itself is the reward. This is how I (Please notice the ‘‘I’’ as in ME) feel events should be.

I personally think items as powerful as some of our event items should atleast be obtainable in some way,shape or form, be it reskin, a similar item, YESDROP versions or w/e through normal gameplay, farming and hard work. I wouldn’t even care if they sold it Vacuum packed in the shop so you could farm credits and buy it from other players, or if it was a week long grind, anything would work tbh, just not this.

Finally, no I don’t think everyone is ‘‘entitlted’’ to having that perfect twink, or having that and that item handed to them or w/e, and lets be real, even with all these items not everyone could make this and that supertwink, it’s not as easy as plug and play.

TL;DR OP items locked behind 1 year events is stupid y’all, theres other ways to make events feel fun.

Someone makes some actual new content and loot for AO (e.g. Reaper, Ice instance etc), but locks it behind a 2 or 3 week window once a year. In a game where the population is crying out for new things to do, hiding the new things to do is mind-boggling.

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Honestly I disagree, even as someone with only a handful of cosmetic rare/limited items. Special events and exclusive items are one of the cooler features older MMOs introduced. When I played Asheron’s Call there were some items that only the first players to ever complete a new quest received, with following players getting weaker/alternate rewards. After years of events like this most dedicated players ended up with a few unique items and I found that much more interesting and rewarding than everyone wearing the same ‘best in slot’ gear, how boring.

now excuse me as I ride around the shadowlands, battlestations, and inside buildings and missions using my glitched out limited edition loot box vehicle that I’ve only ever seen 1 other player with.:rofl::pray:


@Roxatrox Now I’m curious, what aircraft is it you mention? The carrier craft is not that rare anymore, so I’m struggling to find out myself.

@Topic: Yes it sucks, but you get used to it after 17 years. It is like Octoberfest, only happens once a year but when it happens, it is glorious!