One of the poker nights between Sonnac, Geary and Kiyota ended badly for Sonnac


So there are poker nights occurring with Richard Sonnac, Kirsten Geary, Daimon Kiyota and Said.

And one of such nights ended up really badly for Sonnac, leaving this unique picture behind as proof of his really bad loss:


So irrespective of the player’s faction, they’ll basically be trying to help The Kingdom against that faction, presumably just to spite the other two?

Please tell me that at least you’re Dragon and this is one of Daimon’s crazy schemes…


That is just a part of Sonnac’s scolding by higher-up for failure with Kaidan :slight_smile:
Well he knew what he was coming against. Playing poker against Kiyota is a bad idea by default. How do you think similar picture of Kirsten Geary ended up in Inbeda bathhouse ? :slight_smile:


This makes me grin stupidly. For those curious on the origins: