[One Shoulder Tribal Print Dress] Texture has been changed by New Dawn expansion

Tribal Print Dress (from TSW) has had its texture changed.

It was red and yellow, like the new African Dress RED model, now it has the brown & brown texture from the new African Dress BROWN item, available from the New Dawn vendor (when he’s not invisible).

It’s just like the Templars to use there power to reach into my closet and take my beautiful bright dress and turn it into the equivalent of a peasant smock. I mean really, the Dark Ages called, they what their fashion sense back. We Illuminati don’t care what you ware…well, as long as you bought it from us or one of our corporate “partners”, that is.

But really, I’ve had the “One Shoulder Tribal Print Dress” since the original TSW and it has always been the bright red and yellow shown in the right picture, not this muted blue, yellow and red thing that looks like someone washed it in diluted bleach a few hundred times. I want my pretty dress back!

OK, here is proof that the dress color got changed. Here is a link to Sephora’s Closet blog where she posted (on AUGUST 13, 2013) pictures and information about the “One Shoulder Tribal Print Dress”

In-game Shop: Outfits
Price: 600 FC single character / 750 FC account wide

Parts: Dress only – One shoulder tribal print dress, red, yellow and black.

https [colon slash slash] sephorassecretcloset [dot] wordpress [dot] com [slash] 2013 [slash] 08 [slash] 13 [slash] one-shoulder-tribal-print-dress

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